Why Club Teams are Using LeagueApps

By LeagueApps
August 7, 2014
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Nearly everyone today is active online, providing coaches with new channels to simplify registration and stay in touch with players. Both the challenge and the opportunity for coaches is taking advantage of this, without creating more work.

LeagueApps gives directors and coaches a simple, powerful tool to collect information and update the entire team.

The sports management tools that have been developed today are often outdated, with archaic admin systems and confusing interfaces that don’t respond to mobile. Nothing about the experience is smooth, efficient or time-saving. With players and parents on-the-go and connected online, it’s time to catch up.

Here are the three areas we identified as crucial to a club’s success when moving online:

1. Great parent experience

In today’s always on environment anything on your website needs to be accessible in two-clicks. With LeagueApps, registration is completed within minutes. Integration with Facebook means we go where the parents are. Parents can share their registration proudly with their networks, increasing the team’s reach and making it even easier to get in touch with the club.

2. World class Admin Panel

Player and team management cannot be a fragmented experience anymore. You’re not a data scientist so you shouldn’t have to create your own database from scratch. True database management means being able to manipulate your own database on one platform, without receiving multiple emails or having to deal with excel spreadsheets.

3. Integration with team branding and website

Registration shouldn’t be a stand-alone experience. Ensuring registration and team communications look and feel like the team’s website is critical to maintaining parents engagement. LeagueApps ensures a seamless connection to your site by incorporating branding into registration process and integrating to the existing team site. No obvious third-party portals, this is about your club team and protecting your brand.

The risk is too costly to have a failed sports management solution. Poor experiences leads to unsatisfied parents and players jumping ship. Online management solutions must be up to the challenge.  At LeagueApps, we continue to develop intuitive and easy to use tools with one thing in mind; the future of sports.

By Michael Scott

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