Launch Your Program

Create a seamless registration experience for parents, players, and coaches. Our platform is focused on flexibility and efficiency, helping administrators to get ahead of daily tasks and launch their programs in a way that meets the needs of their participants.

Promote your Program

Get it in front of your future athletes and staff. At LeagueApps, we help our partners stand out, promote their brand, and drive growth through our Design Shop—building websites that connect seamlessly with registration, integrate with our branded participant app, and more.


Manage your program

Automate payment collection, easily communicate with parents and coaches, and streamline your tournament operations with a simpler way to move players among teams. With LeagueApps, you’ll also collect dozens of data points around registration trends and financials—the information you need to make better decisions.

Innovate your program

We’re helping organizations stand out through the use of technology—whether that means using LeagueApps Connect to integrate different tools and experiences into your registration flow, or cracking the code on ecommerce.


The country’s softball leaders run their programs on LeagueApps.

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“We use LeagueApps for literally everything that we do – every single program, every single training registration, everything is done through LeagueApps for us. It’s literally been the reason that we have doubled in a year, in terms of our volume and size, has been because of LeagueApps.”

Joe Lake


Philadelphia Baseball Training

“The two main things I utilized LeagueApps for the most right out of the gate was payment collection and communication. We were hopeful LeagueApps would help us out there the most and of course they have been a big part of how we’ve gotten to where we are today. They allow me to utilize and focus on what I need to do on the field, prioritize my coaching staff, and help everything continue to stay on track so our behind the scenes stuff stays in order.”

Ed Easley


Easley Baseball Club

“LeagueApps has been a great partner from day one for us. We are a large travel baseball organization and we love how they have streamlined our registration process and created our website for our families. What makes them stand out from all the others is that they continue to develop products that we have discussed that would help our organization. Their customer service is TOP NOTCH”

Bob Rikeman


Orlando Scorpions

“LeagueApps has helped me streamline our registration and invoicing process. Our clients have told us numerous times how much they like our new website and how easy the registration was!”

Andy Partin, Dirtbags Baseball

“When I ran into LeagueApps and saw the product for the first time, I was really, really satisfied. It eliminated so much manual stuff we were doing like a lot of paperwork, a lot of forms, and spreadsheets.”

Alex Santiago

Manager, Instructor and Information Officer

Dirt Dawg Sports