Launch Your Program

Our platform is focused on flexibility and efficiency, helping administrators to get ahead of daily tasks and launch their tryouts, teams, camps, clinics, leagues, and tournaments in a way that meets the needs of their participants.

Promote your Program

Get it in front of your future athletes and staff. At LeagueApps, we help our partners stand out, promote their brand, and drive growth through our Design Shop—building websites that connect seamlessly with registration, integrate with our branded participant app, and more.


Manage your program

Automate payment collection, easily communicate with parents and coaches, and streamline your tournament operations with a simpler way to move players among teams. With LeagueApps’ dashboard, you’ll also collect dozens of data points around registration trends and financials—the information you need to make better decisions.

Innovate your program

We’re helping organizations stand out through the use of technology—whether that means using LeagueApps Connect to integrate different tools and experiences into your registration flow, or cracking the code on ecommerce.


The country’s basketball leaders run their programs on LeagueApps.

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“I don’t work with LeagueApps because of the features. I work with LeagueApps because of their team, because of the introductions they’ve made, and the partnerships we’ve built.”

Jim Fox, Island Garden Basketball

Executive Director

Island Garden Basketball

“We went through two registration softwares before LeagueApps, and they were mostly horrendous. LeagueApps really helps us personalize what we need, and we can call them up at any time and work with them to automate a lot of stuff.”

Brendan Winters

Co-founder & Director

Pro Skills Basketball

“I’m not saying this just to say it, but it was really really easy, every step of the way from “how do you want your website to look?” We spent time looking at other websites and had a good idea of the look we wanted, and you were able to make it happen, even down to the small tweaks we wanted. It was so refreshing working with LeagueApps, from the look of our website, how we want it to run, and LeagueApps feedback and recommendations to improve our site.”

Shane Kline-Ruminski

President, Director, Trainer & Coach

The National Basketball Academy

“LeagueApps allows me to run my business as simple as possible and makes everything easy for my customers.”

Mitch Storch

Founder and General Manager

Hoop Heaven

“These LeagueApps features are perfect for me and what I want to do with my business. I have my program summary just sitting on the flat screen on my wall at all times. I think it’s really something that helps us separate from competitors.”

Lee Miller


Elite Hoops Basketball Club

“LeagueApps has opened up many more hours to spend on the athletes of the program. My favorite part of LeagueApps is the dynamic but user-friendly dashboard that allows me to oversee every transaction.”

Sergio Muro, Shamrock Basketball

“I needed a technology platform to match the product on the court, and LeagueApps has definitely done that for the Magic. I haven’t even scratched the surface yet with what’s offered.”

Vanessa Selden-McClendon, Northwest Magic

“The trajectory of our business has been strong as we focus on expansion. LeagueApps has been amazing in just one year.”

Carlos Villicana, Team Esface

“I’d highly recommend LeagueApps to anybody thats doing what we’re doing”

Walt Webb, Slam City