The Real Cost of Being an Unruly Fan, and More Youth Sports News

By Melissa Wickes
April 25, 2024
3 min

Have fans forgotten how to fan?

Somehow the sports world, both youth and professional, has evolved into a world where fans, parents, and even coaches feel entitled to certain outcomes and as a result act in unacceptable ways from the sidelines.

This kind of behavior has its consequences. For example, earlier this week, Aaron Boone was ejected from the Yankees vs. Athletics game when the umpire mistakenly thought a fan’s heckling was coming from Boone.

The head coach of the UConn men’s basketball team even weighed in—saying he considers the behavior of parents before recruiting a player to be on his team.

Could your behavior (or that of one of your customers) be the one thing standing between a player and their collegiate dreams?

Youth Sports News

1. This Charleston U-13 team got to experience the high level of European soccer over their Spring Break.

2. [VIDEO] The WNBA draft inspired these AAU basketball players in Seattle.

3. Charlie Manuel, former Phillies skipper, loves attending youth baseball games—so much that he is one of 20 big leaguers to invest in Perfect Game, a youth baseball and softball company that hosts showcases throughout the country and overseas.

4. Little League President Stephen D. Keener reflects on his 25+ year career.

5. The UConn Men’s Basketball Coach, Dan Hurley, says he has to take a hard look at the behavior of parents of players before choosing anyone to join his team. 

6. The most desired bat in Houston’s youth baseball community—the Hype Fire Bat—was suddenly suspended a week ago by Perfect Game. 

7. As gun violence looms over Pennsylvania youth, local sports organizations are offering safe spaces for kids. 

8. MLB Little League Days provide unique opportunities for local Little League programs to bring their players to experience professional baseball in a fun and exciting way—and now, they’re adding Minor League opportunities. 

9. [VIDEO] Thieves stole $15K worth of equipment from this youth baseball league.

10. [VIDEO] Caitlin Clark says she hopes to keep inspiring young girls and continue making an impact on the WNBA through her career.

11. Kansas City Chiefs Justin Reid is set to host Tackling Tech, a youth tech camp, this summer in Kansas City.

12. Venus Williams is stunned by this statistic about girls in sports.

13. Lacrosse is now officially a Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA) Sport.

14. The IOC outlined its vision for how artificial intelligence can transform sport—cross-industry collaboration and government regulation to realize the technology’s full potential.

15. On Friday, the Colorado Senate approved this bill to make youth sports safer.

16. Players Health, a leading advocate for safety and accessibility in youth sports, just announced its inaugural youth sports health and safety summit for this August 5-7 in St. Paul Minnesota.

This Weekend’s Wins

1. Follow the NCAA Women’s Soccer Commitment Track here.

2. The Seven Lakes High School boys’ soccer team made history this week.

3. Congrats Galaxy Girls 2013 Black on winning the Wisconsin Rush Tournament this weekend! Undefeated with 12 goals total, including a 2-0 shutout in the championship game!

4. Congratulations 2011 Lobos Rush E64 on winning the 901 Cup!

5. SA City SC’s Tilly Shaeffer (2010GA) was invited back to the US Soccer YNT Talent ID Center in Dallas—congratulations on the achievement!

6. Congrats to the Southwest MO Rush 2005/2006 Division 1 players who were finalists in the SLSG Spring Classic Tournament this weekend! 7. Congrats Blue Steel Volleyball 14 White—first place finish at home at the Stratman Tournament!

8. Nice work Rock City Volleyball 15.4 on your second place finish this weekend at the Battle of Lake Erie!

9. Northwest Chargers Hockey PeeWee 2 Spring Team–congrats on your Battle on the Border Tournament Championship!

10. Huge congratulations to Texas Legacy Volleyball 16 Elite Crew on going undefeated at the Lone Star Classic this weekend!

Youth Sports Resources

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