Product Updates

Winter 2024: Top Product Updates

Send Coach Notes to Targeted Individuals and Groups of People in LeagueApps iOS Apps
In the iOS LeagueApps Play app and branded apps, coaches and staff now don’t need to send coach notes to the entire team—they can target specific individuals or groups of people. Unlike a chat message, the coach note will send an email and push notification, and can also be marked as ‘Urgent’ in the app. This is especially helpful if you want to only send important information or resources to specific groups, such as just those who play certain positions. Learn more here

Easily Keep Track of Group Chats with the New Chat Group Naming Feature in LeagueApps iOS Apps
iOS LeagueApps Play app and branded app users can now rename chat groups or direct chat messages they’re a part of with other members in the Message tab. This allows them to quickly find conversations and continue chats. Learn more here

Provide more Accessibility Features to Your Members in the LeagueApps iOS apps
The iOS LeagueApps Play app and branded apps now support larger text sizes that can be turned on in the Accessibility settings for Apple devices. Members can turn these settings on and off for their Apple device by navigating to Settings > Accessibility > Display & Text Size > Larger Text. Learn more here


2023: Top Product Updates

Six New LeagueApps Analytics Reports Providing You with Additional Data and Insights
These six new reports will give you deeper financial and player insights, so you can keep what’s working and nix what’s not. These include discount codes, player invites, bank transfers, program summary, past due payments, invoice itemizations, and more. See all available reports here

Providing the Most Advanced Data & Analytics Platform in Youth Sports with LeagueApps Analytics
You now have access to the most advanced data and analytics platform for youth sports—right at your fingertips in the LeagueApps management console. With LeagueApps Analytics, you can take control of your data and unlock hidden opportunities with advanced insights and instant access to your reporting, so you can grow your programs and optimize investments. Learn more here

Send Announcements to the LeagueApps Play App from the Management Console
You now have a dedicated channel to send trusted communications to LeagueApps Play, helping you unify your communications to your members!
When you send email messages from your Management Console, you can now choose to broadcast these messages—called “Announcements”—to the LeagueApps Play app, which will send a push notification and appear in the Message tab for members in the app. Learn more here

Easily find, view, and pin teams in the Play iOS App’s New Teams tab
LeagueApps Play iOS app users can now see a new Teams tab in their navigation bar, where they can select teams to view team schedules, rosters, staff, standings, and start chats. They also be able to pin their desired viewed teams to the top of the tab, so they can easily find them. Learn more here

Don’t Spend Time Tracking Down Member Information
Several feature enhancements have been released on the LeagueApps Play iOS app over the past few weeks (coming soon to branded apps)! These include: seeing the guardian’s name and contact information on the player profile, an updated Home Feed with titles, improved scoring experience, and more. 

Send RSVP Reminders from the Play iOS App, and See When the Last was Sent
In the Play iOS app, the RSVP tab of a game or event now has the option to send an RSVP reminder (via email and push notification) with a single tap! If a RSVP reminder was sent previously through the app, you’ll also be able to see when it was sent to the team. You will be allowed to send another RSVP reminder four hours after the previous reminder was sent. Learn more here

Provide a Seamless Mobile App Experience with Design and Navigation Improvements
Our goal is to simplify navigation for your members so they can enjoy their sports experiences! We recently released several design improvements to the LeagueApps Play iOS app, including an updated Home Feed with titles, more intuitive placements for important buttons and actions, improved scoring process, text under navigation items so members better understand its meaning, updates to the “Cancel” button to avoid cancellation confusion, and more!

Don’t Spend Time Tracking Down Member Information
Collect complete profile data for all of the members within your organization, so you don’t have to spend time tracking down member information! If your members have not filled in any required member profile fields for themselves or child(ren) if applicable, they are now required to fill in these empty required form fields when they log in to their account, before they can perform any other actions. These would be required fields that your organization added after the member created their account. Learn more here

Exclude Staff from RSVP Totals to Quickly Check on Athlete Participation
We have updated the LeagueApps Play iOS app’s RSVP tab for games and events with a toggle to exclude team staff from RSVP totals. This allows coaches and staff members to see overall counts and lists of just the athletes participating, enhancing the planning and check-in experience. Learn more here

Empower Your Coaches to Run Their Teams Seamless and Efficiently
Coaches need the autonomy to manage their own schedules, teams, locations, attendance, communications, and scores in the Play app—wherever they are. Designated coaches and staff can now create and edit games in LeagueApps Play, even when they’re not using LeagueApps’ scheduling web solution. This includes the option to add external teams to the games. These schedule updates automatically sync to the management console and member portal! Learn more here

Improved Mobile Experience with Enhanced RSVPs and Card Design
Based on feedback from our partners and their members, we’ve released a new event card design and RSVP flow that will simplify navigation and actions for your members. Click here to see the new RSVP experience. The Home Feed cards have been redesigned so you can quickly see the information you need. The Register Now card has been changed to text and moved to the bottom of the Home Feed so it’s easier to find. The Communications tab’s cards got a sleek redesign, and they now include the team that the chat or coach note is associated with.

Notify Members When Creating Games and Events to Keep Them Up-to-date on All Schedule Changes
Notify your members when you create games and events in the management console, member dashboard, and mobile apps! If the Notify participants’ checkbox is selected during game creation, a notification will be sent via email and push notification, and automatically take members directly to the newly created event or game.

Your Members can Pay Invoices and Manage their Account on the Go in LeagueApps Play
We want to provide your members with everything they need to manage their day-to-day sports experience. With the new account management features, your members can now pay their invoices, add secondary members, and edit their settings and profiles, all from the mobile app. Click here to see the new Manage & Pay button in the Play app, and how your members can use it.

Allow Your Coaches to Create Seamless and Comprehensive Schedules
Enable coaches to create and edit games directly in the app, even when not using our scheduling web solution. It also includes the option to add external teams to the games. These schedule updates will automatically sync to the management console and member portal! Learn more here

New Google Analytics 4 Tracking ID to Support Your Migration to GA4
On July 1, 2023, Google Analytics transitioned from their UA version to a new version called Google Analytics 4 (GA4). To support this transition to GA4, and ensure there was no disruption in your site tracking, LeagueApps added a new Google Analytics 4 Tracking ID. Learn more here

Easily Make Day-Of Changes on the Go with our Mobile-Optimized Tournament Scheduling List Experience
View your tournament schedule in a listview with click sort columns, comprehensive filters, and check-box selection to make bulk changes with automated change notifications sent to impacted team(s). This makes for easy rescheduling, allowing you to change any combination of time, date, and location for multiple games at once, and then automatically communicate the changes with team(s) as soon as they’re made. This is available for both desktop web and mobile web. Learn more here

Copy Existing Sites to Easily Manage Your Organization
Quickly select which of the existing sites you’d like to copy over and easily build a copied site that includes new or the same site details. This also allows you to use sites as templates to efficiently manage your organization! Learn more here

Assign Scorekeepers for Games Listed in Our Member Dashboard & Mobile Apps
You can designate scorekeepers by giving staff roles scorekeeping permissions and assigning them to relevant programs. They will then be able to add and edit scores for games within the program(s) directly in the member dashboard and LeagueApps mobile apps! Get started here

Use Our Direct API Integration to Tie Ecommerce Purchases to Individual Members
The Product Orders API returns a list of ecommerce product orders with product, purchase, team, program, and player information for products purchased through LeagueApps’ ecommerce feature! View the Product Orders API documentation here

Drive Awareness and Registrations for Your Programs and Help Parents Save Time and Taps in the Mobile Apps
Our new “Register now” card helps your members quickly find and complete registration for open programs in just a few taps, directly within the home feed of the mobile apps. No need to re-authenticate and sign in! See how this works for your parents here

Save Time and Repetition by Copying Existing E-Commerce Products
Instead of having to individually create new products, partners can now easily replicate one product, use products as templates, and make changes to copies. Learn how to copy ecommerce products here

Quickly Check Your Tournament Schedules with the New Balance Summary View
The latest feature in our new Next Generation tournament scheduling experience is our Schedule Balance Summary view, displaying the Team Head to Head Matchups, Game Start Times, Locations and Home vs Away breakdowns for the schedule. Learn more here


2022: Top Product Updates

Consolidate Your Team Schedules in LeagueApps with External Teams
Easily build and edit game schedules that include external teams (outside of partners’ organizations) without having to create internal LeagueApps teams. The new External Teams feature is now available to turn on via a Schedules & Standings setting. If your team competes in competitive leagues that aren’t run through LeagueApps, this will allow you to easily replicate your league schedule. Learn more here

Tournament Scheduling Made Easy with Our New Experience
LeagueApps has transformed the tournaments scheduling experience for partners to leverage alongside our existing functionality for scorekeeping, standings, and registration. This new experience includes pool play & single elimination bracket game generator, drag & drop calendar views, tournament-level double booking prevention, game change and reminder notifications, mobile app upgrades (tournament schedules, brackets, and updates), and more! Get started with our new Tournaments Scheduling here

LeagueApps Gateway Updates to Improve the Payment Collection Experience
Partners on LeagueApps Gateway can now reconcile payment transactions with refund transactions in the Balance Report and view last 4 of payment method used. There is also a new “Available On” field included in the Payments Report showing date that funds will be in an organization’s bank account. Learn more  here

Ensure and Prioritize the Safety of Athletes and Security of Your Organization
Our comprehensive and automated background checks process through Yardstik is fully integrated into LeagueApps, from program setup through reporting. Set up your background checks

Issue Refunds on ACH Payments
Partners on LeagueApps Gateway are able to issue refunds for any types of invoice payments, whether by card or bank account!  This feature will allow LeagueApps Gateway partners to initiate refunds invoices paid through ACH (Bank Account) payments (as well as credit and debit cards). ACH Transaction Fees will also be refunded as part of the payments.Learn more about ACH Payments

Easily Download Our Mobile Apps so Your Members Don’t Miss a Beat
Member-facing buttons to download LeagueApps Play and the branded mobile apps now appear in the registration confirmation page and email, automated emails, and banners in the mobile-web version of the member portal. These drive members to download the app so they don’t miss any schedule updates, details, and communications.Get your teams started on Play today. Want your logo in the app stores and on your member’s phone home screens? Learn more about our branded apps.

Choose Whether to Include Tournament Games in Your Standings
You now have the ability to include or exclude tournament games from your standings calculations. Existing partners will see no change in your current standings calculations. Any partners who joined LeagueApps after August 10, 2022 will have tournament games counted in standings unless they turn this feature setting on. Learn more here

Assign Scorekeepers for Games on Our Mobile Apps
You can give designated staff roles the permission to add and edit game scores on our mobile apps. Get started here

Your Coaches’ Lives Are About to Get Easier with LeagueApps Mobile
Our mobile apps just got a bunch of really awesome improvements, which will make it easier for you and your coaches to manage teams, communications, and events. We’ve released several new features including Coach Notes, so no one on the team misses a single message from you. Your coaches and staff can also input custom event locations as well as game scores directly in the mobile app. Get your teams started on Play today
Want your logo in the app stores and on your member’s phone home screens? Learn more about our branded apps

Explore the Refreshed Global Search Experience
This Global Search will improve the LeagueApps platform performance and search queries for your organization. In the new experience, when you are utilizing the global search feature, you will be prompted to select the type of data they are searching for from list of six categories before you will be surfaced the records: Member, Team, Program, Product, Location, Invoice. Learn more here

Limit Parents and Players from Viewing Team Rosters
LeagueApps has expanded our Team Roster Visibility permissions in your team settings page! This update allows you to limit parents and players from viewing team rosters, while still allowing coaches and staff members to view team rosters, in our member portal and mobile apps. This update does not force changes to any existing roster settings if you are currently using this feature. Learn more here

Discover the New Website
LeagueApps has released a brand new version of! This completely revamped website includes extensive information on our products and features, and how it can help our partners broken down by sport, program type, and role. Additionally, we’ve featured several ways that our partners our using LeagueApps, which you can watch here.

Simplify Player Evaluations with TeamGenius
TeamGenius is the leading athlete evaluation software provider for youth sports organizations, with an easy-to-use platform for managing tryouts, camps, and player feedback and development programs. LeagueApps has teamed up with TeamGenius so that you can get instant access to the registration and player data you need to start running athlete evaluation. Get started here

Get More Control Over Your Data with Google Sheets
Google Sheets is a free online spreadsheet app that lets you create and format spreadsheets and work with other people. We teamed up with Google Sheets so that you can easily get your data out of LeagueApps and distribute it throughout your business—no CSV download or manual effort needed. Get started here

Don’t Miss Out on Mobile App Chats with New FOMO Functionality
While our mobile apps already showed your members who on their teams can’t chat (since those who don’t have the app can’t send and receive chat messages), we’ve now taken this a step further. If your member doesn’t have the app and gets a chat, they will now get an email letting them know of the message and a button that drives them to download the app. For Branded Apps, the links take them to the branded app. If they don’t have a branded app, the link takes them to LeagueApps Play

Improve the Member Login and Account Creation Experience
We’ve released an update which will improve the LeagueApps login experience for you and your members. As part of this update, your members will now see your organization’s logo on the login screen – view this support article with the logo guidelines. This update will improve the user experience and design of the login and account creation for members, especially on mobile devices; minimize the roadblocks for new members to complete registration; and reduce the number of questions from members trying to log in and register.


2021: Top Product Updates

Keep Members in the Know with Our New Mobile Apps
Put your programs in the palm of your members’ hands with our free and branded participant apps for team management and communication. Our mobile apps integrate seamlessly with our Management Console (no double data entry required!) to help save you time, and make it simple for participants to stay up to speed without spammy ads. LeagueApps Play is available for download on iOS and Android – learn more here. Want a branded version of LeagueApps Play so you can put your organization’s logo on your members’ home screens and in the app stores? Click here to learn more.

Simplify and Improve Your Hotel Bookings with Lucid Travel
Lucid Travel is a travel management platform that allows tournament organizers to set up and manage lodging for their events and seamlessly drive greater conversion of hotel room bookings, thus increasing your revenue. Once you enable Lucid Travel within LeagueApps and choose which programs you want to integrate with Lucid Travel, Lucid Travel will provide your members access to automated deals and room blocks. You will get a custom travel page, financial reporting and payment tracking, as well as expedited access to rebate fees, rather than waiting 30-60 days for the hotel to pay it after the event. Learn more here.

Instantly Verify USA Hockey Memberships
LeagueApps’ USA Hockey Verification allows you to instantly validate staff and athletes’ memberships at the time of registration, automatically ensuring that your participants have a valid USA Hockey membership and saving you time and resources. You must manually turn on this feature in the Management Console’s new Verifications page under the Connect dropdown, and then turn them on in programs you have set up. Learn more here.

Turn on Health Checks to Keep Your Members Safe
Health Checks
give admins, coaches, and captains a reliable tool to collect evaluations from players and staff prior to them showing up in-person to a scheduled game, practice, or event. You must manually turn on Health Checks in the Management Console’s Program Settings, and they will apply to all events in that program’s schedule. Learn more here.

New Login Experience: Ensuring Your Accounts are as Secure as Possible
We made some changes to the LeagueApps login and account creation experience for both admins and members. These changes should make the account creation and login process more seamless. Now, users will only need to remember a single email and password for any organization they participate in that is powered by LeagueApps. Learn more here.


2020: Top Product Updates

Help Your Athletes Get Recruited With NCSA College Recruiting
NCSA College Recruiting is a recruiting platform that helps high school athletes navigate the college recruiting process by connecting them to college coaches. We teamed up with NCSA College Recruiting to give your members the option of creating a free recruiting profile while they’re registering for your program. Learn more here.

Control Your Program Communications with Content Editor
The newest version of the Content Editor makes it even easier to apply formatting to your member emails, registration messages, and more. We have even applied the editor to more places in the management console so you have more control over how your communications look coming from LeagueApps. Learn more here

Take Your Marketing Further with Mailchimp
Automatically send data from LeagueApps to your Mailchimp account with one of our newest integrations. Set-up is done directly within the LeagueApps Management Console, so no more time consuming imports and exports. Get started here

Team Manager Makes Your Life Easier
Team Manager makes it easy to view a condensed list of teams registered across programs, and quickly search, filter, and select the teams you’d like to bulk edit, move, or copy. The result: a better way to manage teams across your tournaments and leagues.

Quicker Access to Signed Waivers
There’s a new Waivers tab in the member details page that gives admins access to all signed waivers for a given member across all programs in one view.

Go Green, Play Forever!
We’ve introduced an optimized user experience to the management console. Learn about the changes to the navigation, color palette, and typography here.

Member Portal Invoices Page Optimized for a Better Experience
Your members can now see the sum of all outstanding balance amounts across all unpaid and or partially paid invoices, they can use a select all checkbox to quickly select multiple invoices to pay at once, and invoices receipts have been optimized for printing.

Management Console Member Details Page Optimized to Condense Logistical Information
Admins can now see Total Invoice Amount & Balance Due per registration and a sum of all registrations, the member registrations list has been separated into Current and Past tabs, and admins can now save a note per member to keep track any relevant information.


New Accounting Codes for Financial Reporting
Accounting codes are a new terminology setting which allow admins to assign custom codes to programs to group them for financial reporting purposes.


Bank Payments Now Accepted in Gateway
Organizations using LeagueApps Gateway can now offer their registrants Bank Payments in addition to credit card payments. Learn more here.



2019: Top Product Updates

Quickly Adjust Invoices when Moving Players
We enhanced our player move tool to allow a choice of adjusting invoice(s) when moving or bulk moving players between programs with different pricing.

Now Create File Upload Member Profile Fields
You can now create a file upload member profile field to collect documents once during account creation, in addition to collecting documents during program registrations.

Add Financial Data on Team Roster for Program Staff Access
If you need your coaches or team staff to see player’s invoice information you can now add that to your program’s team roster settings!

Import Calendar Events into Your Schedule
The schedule import tool can now import calendar events in addition to games.

Save Credit Card Without Charging It
If you want to require Auto Pay for a payment plan but do not want to require the first installment payment during registration, a “Save Payment Method Only” button will now appear to the registrant on the payment step. See what that looks like here.

Move and Delete Registrants from a Booking
Bookings now has registrant management tools to move or delete registrant(s) from booking time slots. With each move or delete the admin is able to choose if and how the invoice is changed as a result. See how it works here.

Disable Auto-Pay from Invoice
Any invoice that is tied to an auto-pay payment plan will now have a “Disable Auto-Pay” button available (to admins only). Read more here.

Admins can Apply Partial Payments to Invoice
Admins can now type in an amount to pay towards the total amount due using the Pay Now invoice tool. Read more here.

Enjoy Faster, Streamlined Registrations
Based on much research and design work, we optimized the participant experience with faster, more streamlined registrations for programs on LeagueApps. Read more here.

Get the Most Detailed Transaction Details in Our Updated Report
Bank Transfer ID and Bank Transfer Date have been added as data columns to the Transaction Detail Report Export. This report now has the most detailed view of transactions including Team level details, payment information and bank transfer details all in one view. This is a valuable report for accounting reconciliation. Read more here.


2018: Top Product Updates

Check Out Our New Pool Play Scheduling Features
LeagueApps now supports Pool Play schedule imports and displays for tournaments. Key updates include a schedule at the Master Grouped Program level, the ability to create pools within tournament divisions, an updated import file to support pool-play and a new setting to exclude a team’s game score from standings calculations. Email to learn more and get a coaching session.

Get Advanced Reporting, Flexibility, and Security with Our Email Updates
Three key updates were made: 1) We added an email validation step when a member creates a LeagueApps account to improve the validity of email addresses within your account. 2) There is a new layer of reporting on email address statuses, so you can see if a member’s email address is unsubscribed or bounced. 3) Members can now unsubscribe and re-subscribe from their member dashboards.  Learn more here.

Create Bookings Faster than Ever
Updates were made to expedite program creation for lessons and facility rentals. There is a new multi-select for day & time and improved customer discovery. Learn more here.

Get the Most Out of Our Team Rosters
Add more player details on our new team rosters. We increased the limit of Custom Member & Registration form fields that you can display on a team roster and player card. Learn more here.

Take Control of Your Finances with Our Payment Plan Report
View details on failed payment plan transactions, which plans require Auto Pay, and export expected transaction amounts for future installment dates.

Better Manage Lessons and Reservations with Bookings
Manage private or grouped lessons and reservations. Players can find a program based on an instructor, location, date or time and register from a calendar view.

Don’t Let Members Miss Any Communications, with Secondary Emails
A new Secondary Email field on member profiles, allows an additional email to receive Bulk Messages, Program Messages and calendar notifications. Financial messages are not included in communications to a secondary email. 

Invite Staff and Players to Programs
Invite2Join was upgraded so a player can be invited to a specific team within a program. Admins can now directly invite staff to a specific team.

Innovate with LeagueApps Connect
Access LeagueApps’ new Zapier integration and API Documentation directly through the Admin Console’s [Connect] menu item.

Save Hours of Manually Importing Events with Calendar Sync
Players, Parents, and Coaches can now sync their sports schedule from LeagueApps to their calendar app of choice. This is available on mobile, tablet and desktop. Learn more here


2017: Top Product Updates

ReCaptcha Now Live on LeagueApps Sites
ReCaptcha protects LeagueApps sites from spam and fake accounts while keeping account creation easy for humans. This setting is active on all LeagueApps sites and can be turned off by request.

Access Our New API
Our new API is live and is more self-serving with new access to secure admin-level data. Partners can generate API access directly from their Admin Console. Please note that APIs provide access to a site’s secure data and should only be shared with authorized users. 

New Classes Feature Available for Grouped and Session Programs
A new program type, Classes, has been added. Classes are always session-based so they will be visible if you have Grouped & Session programs enabled. Classes can be categorized and participants can multi-select classes as they register. 

Track Player and Staff Attendance with New Check-In Feature
The new Calendar Check-in feature works in conjunction with Calendar Events. Admins and Program Staff now have the ability to check-in players and staff to an event. Improve your program’s check-in process and gain analytics around attendance with the new Attendance Report.

Track Web Page Views Clicks, Conversions, and More with Digital Insights
Analytics settings in LeagueApps are now easier to understand and set up. The ‘Google Analytics’ page in the Admin Console has been relabeled to ‘Digital Insights.’ Insert tracking code from a third-party analytics tool of your choice (Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Google Tag Manager, SEO tags, etc.) to the Digital Insights page in LeagueApps to start tracking webpage views, clicks, registration conversions and more!

Invite and Track Players with Our Player Invite Tool
Easily invite players from a Tryout to a Club Team, or from last season’s event to next season’s. Under the ‘People’ sub-section of a program, there is a new ‘Player Invite’ page where Admins can view members that have been invited to the program or send players invites to other programs. Each invitation’s status is tracked from Pending to Accepted or Declined.

Get Started with LeagueApps Gateway
LeagueApps Gateway powered by Stripe is the best payment gateway option for sports organizers. Are you interested in LeagueApps fees applied as the transaction is processed instead of a monthly bill? Click here to learn more about the benefits of LeagueApps Gateway.

Quickly Publish New Pages with Our Page Template Builder
Make building pages easy using our new page templates. Simply fill in the blanks, click save and you’re done!

Easily Post and Share Content with Our Blog Tool
Create your own news articles using our new blog tool! Share content with your participants and easily post it to your LeagueApps website.

Set Up Passwords for Program Registration
If you run elite or invite only programs then use our program setting to require a password in order to register for a program.



2016: Top Product Updates

RSVP to Scheduled Events
Players, Parents, and Staff can now RSVP to games and events from their LeagueApps schedule! Learn more about how RSVP looks and works here.

Access Mobile-Optimized Admin View
Not only can your members easily register and use their account on a mobile device, now admins can perform day to day tasks on mobile as well. Some of our most popular admin tools are now available in a mobile-optimized view – no pinching, zooming or tilting needed. Learn more here.

Create Emails Fast with Our Email Template Tool
In our broadcast messaging tool we’ve added a feature to build and choose a template when sending an email.

New Admin Dashboard: Get the Information You Need in Just One Click
On the dashboard there are a couple of new sections, including What’s Happening, Quick Links and Top Programs. These sections are designed to instantly display important information and get you where you need to go in the console in just a click.

View All Program Information with the New Program Summary Report
Now you can instantly view a condensed, customizable, sortable and exportable program report with information like amount paid, amount outstanding, registration deadline date and remaining capacity.

View All Events on One Page with the New Master Schedule Feature
The master schedule is an admin report that condenses all games and events into one page, with filters for programs, locations and sub-locations.

Organize E-Commerce Products in Your Storefront and Shopping Cart
In addition to assigning products to your programs for registrants to add to their cart during registration, you can now assign products to an auto-formatted store front page! You can even create and organize your products into different categories in the store front.

Run Transaction and Invoice Reporting for Every Site in Your Organization
Do you have multiple sites under your LeagueApps account? Now you can run transaction and invoice reports that combine the data from all of your sites! Read more about this report here.

Now You Can Issue Credits
Issue credits to players, coaches, and families instead of giving refunds.

Create Small Groups in Registration: Admins can allow registrants to create small groups that other players can register to. Great for programs who accept free agents and friend requests. See how admins can set it up and how it works for the registrant.


2015: Top Product Updates

New User-Friendly View for the Content Page Editor
New more user friendly format allowing for easier pictures and video embedding and table building. See how it works here.

Run a Report to View All Registration Form Field Entries
Allows admins to quickly and easily tally up the number of answers to form field questions that were asked to players during the registration process. See how to run this report.

Instantly Gather All of the Documents You Need During Registration
Collect documents such as birth certificates and medical forms from members during registration. See more here.

Automatically Import Your Schedule to LeagueApps
Build your schedule your way, then upload it into LeagueApps via Excel document. See how here.

Bulk Select, Move, and Message Registrants
In a program, admins can bulk select then bulk move and bulk message registrants. Great for inviting players to club teams after a tryout.

Allow Members to Set Up Saved Payments
One-click payments for participants and admins can set up auto-charge payment plans. See more here.

Get More Flexibility and Organization with Program Grouping
Program Grouping allows you to create a main program, which will then house multiple sub-programs. This gives organizers more flexibility and organization in setting up programs with different divisions, levels and sessions. See more here.

Validate Your USA Lacrosse Membership
Admins can activate the US Lacrosse membership validation program in the LeagueApps App Center and choose to require a valid US Lacrosse number in order to register for a program.

Customize Standings Rules Per Program
Different sports call for different standings rules, so now you can customize your standings per program!