Launch Your Program

Our platform is focused on flexibility and efficiency, helping administrators to get ahead of daily tasks and launch their clubs, camps, clinics, leagues, and tournaments in a way that meets the needs of their participants. Verify staff and athletes’ USA Hockey memberships at the time of registration with our unique member verification automation.

Promote your Program

Get it in front of your future athletes and staff. At LeagueApps, we help our partners stand out, promote their brand, and drive growth through our Design Shop—building websites that connect seamlessly with registration, integrate with our branded participant app, and more.


Manage your program

Automate payment collection, easily communicate with parents and coaches, and manage multiple programs running out of the same facility. With LeagueApps’ dashboard, you’ll also collect dozens of data points around registration trends and financials—the information you need to make better decisions.

Innovate your program

We’re helping organizations stand out through the use of technology—whether that means using LeagueApps Connect to integrate different tools and experiences into your registration flow, or cracking the code on ecommerce.


The country’s hockey leaders run their programs on LeagueApps.

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“Having an account rep specifically for us to reach out to when you find yourself stuck in a corner, you’re not exactly sure, or are just about to launch a huge registration, is huge. When parents don’t know what they are doing, or are registering for the wrong teams, it’s nice to have that backup. This is an unusual offering, and that spoke to me.”

Callie Smith

Director of Operations

New Jersey Colonials Hockey

“There’s two areas we really benefit from LeagueApps: registration and our website. The customer service we get, the help we get, and the platform itself – the things we’re going to be able to do to get our message out to the masses better and more coherently, we’ve got to credit LeagueApps for that and we’re really fortunate to be partners.”

Francis Anzalone, COO, Total Package Hockey

“LeagueApps has created two websites for us that have a lot more features and capabilities than our old website, which was plug-and-play. We’ve received a lot of compliments since we switched over.”

Nichelle Simon, Director of Administration, Total Package Hockey