Launch Your Program

Create a seamless signup experience for parents, players, and coaches. Our platform is focused on flexibility and efficiency, helping administrators to get ahead of daily tasks. We’ve also built a US Lacrosse integration into our platform so you can easily verify players’ memberships during registration.

Promote your Program

Get it in front of your future athletes and staff. At LeagueApps, we help our partners stand out, promote their brand, and drive growth through our Design Shop—building websites that connect seamlessly with registration and more.

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Manage your program

Easily manage invoices and send targeted communications to parents and coaches. With LeagueApps’ dashboard, you’ll also collect dozens of data points around registration trends and financials—the information you need to make better decisions.

Innovate your program

We’re helping organizations stand out through the use of technology—whether that means using LeagueApps Connect to crack the code on ecommerce or integrate with tools ranging from Connectlax to SportsRecruits to Mailchimp.


The country’s lacrosse leaders run their programs on LeagueApps.

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“Using Leagueapps has been one of the best investments we’ve made into our camp, league, team, and tournament organization since we began. The term “partners” gets thrown around with a lot of business relationships, but we genuinely feel connected to what they are doing, and likewise, they are equally as invested in our success.”

Neil Butterfield


Encore Lacrosse

“The customer service was absolutely phenomenal. When we opened our 2nd registration, we dealt with error messages from a mistake we made on our end. I was on the phone with LeagueApps 30 minutes later and they were doing everything that they could to help us fix the problem. Suffice to say, we didn’t miss a beat. The transition was more seamless than I could have hoped for and the support that we received in launching the website, registration system, and understanding and utilizing the technology as best we could, made us incredibly comfortable”

Meredith McGinnis

Programs Director

Achieve Lax

“LeagueApps has been huge for the success of KO17 Lacrosse, it handles everything from the registration aspect and being able to organize all sorts of things, whether it’s player information or clinic information. LeagueApps makes it really easy and user-friendly for all of the parents, that’s one of the main pieces of feedback I’ve gotten from people. On my end, it’s made my life a whole lot easier in trying to grow the game the way I want to, all over the place. No matter what state or city I’m in, I want to teach about Lacrosse, and LeagueApps helps me do it.”

Kylie Ohlmiller

Founder and Owner

KO17 Lacrosse

“We’ve evolved into a lot of different programming: Select Teams, Club Teams, a lot of clinics and camps, as well as team tournaments. Because of all those things we do, we need a partner like LeagueApps to help us organize it all and help make us relatively sane. You can always get someone on the phone who is very helpful. When you ask them about something that’s going to help make your business better, they either help you with a solution on their end or point you in the direction of a technology that works with their API”

Mike Winkof


FLG Lacrosse

“As early adopters, we’ve interfaced with the developers to the support team and marketing/salespeople. When we’ve found issues or shortcomings, they were forthcoming, developed workarounds and met all commitments. This is a mark of a solid company that justifies a mutual feeling of not just being a “customer”, but as they say… we are Partners.”

ADVNC Lacrosse

“At an organization of our size, it’s incredibly important to know that our data is secure. LeagueApps is the only company I’d trust to store all of our parents’ and players’ information.”

Mike Chanenchuk


Express Lacrosse

“LeagueApps has made it so easy to launch new revenue channels. As we expand to new locations and offer new programs, it’s great to know that LeagueApps can support everything we do.”

George Breres, Team 91 Lacrosse

“The League Apps team has been awesome from the start. The constant support, advice, and solution based approach to everything has made life as a business owner significantly better. I have been able to focus far more attention growing the business thanks to League Apps.”

Joseph Nardella, Faceoff Factory

“At GoBig Lacrosse we hold camps, clinics, private lessons, leagues and sell lacrosse products and services. LeagueApps has all of our needs under one roof. Just amazing.”

Rich Klares, GoBig Lacrosse