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What We Do

Youth sports make the world a better place. Bringing people together. Teaching teamwork. Building character. Training leaders. And, it happens because of the tireless work of youth sports leaders—the owners, operators, and admins who dedicate their lives to the players and the game. We’re dedicated to empowering youth sports leaders so they can follow their mission and supercharge their impact.


We provide the most comprehensive youth sports management platform—helping youth sports leaders grow their organizations and spend more time on the field and less time doing administration.

We bring youth sports leaders together through NextUp, the largest community for youth sports management. Events, online communities, and training all help leaders grow professionally.

We’re tackling the issues that prevent kids from getting in the game in the first place. We donate 1% of our revenue so athletes in underserved communities have access to great youth sports programs, and advocate for policies that expand access to youth sports nationwide.

The scoreboard is clear: youth athletes are more likely to win at life.

But in order for kids to have amazing sports experiences, they need innovative and well-equipped leaders. We started LeagueApps because we wanted to rally around leaders and give them the tools for success.

Our vision is a world made better through increased access to sport and that starts by investing in the people that make sports happen.

Youth and local sports organizations powered
Players, parents, and coaches reached
Kids impacted through FundPlay

Our Values and Culture

Championship teams are known for their values. Everything we do ties back to our SPORTSDOG values.
We run our company the same way we play sports: fair, generous, value-driven, and honest.
We care about everything we do. We're passionate about delivering amazing sports experiences for all. It's who we are and why we do this.
Clear expectations and clear communications build better teams, on and off the field.
Athletes are results-driven. We keep score. We strive to win.
We’re teammates — with each other, with our partners, and with everyone in our community.
Student of the Game
We are always honing our abilities and improving our craft. We want to be the best at getting better every day.
Difference Maker
We’re here with a purpose and to make an impact. We know that sport has the power to change the world.
Own Your Role
Team players know the value of playing their positions. By owning our roles and working together as a team, we can achieve success.
We do what it takes — especially when the ball doesn’t bounce our way. It’s our chance to prove resolve, courage, and perseverance.


We’re proud to be backed by sports and business leaders who share our commitment to creating amazing sports experiences for kids everywhere. Former professional athletes, entrepreneurs, and industry leading venture capitalists, they’re helping us make sports happen.
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