Brian Litvack

CEO & Co-Founder

Brian leads the LeagueApps team and works closely with sales, partner success, product, and technology. He is also a member of the Board of Directors. Most importantly, he orders pizza and trophies to mark company milestones. Previously, Brian was part of the founding team at Sportsvite and held various business development roles at CBS Sports, College Sports Television and the Official College Sports Network. Brian graduated from the University of Michigan. Go Blue!

Jeremy Goldberg


As President, Jeremy oversees the LeagueApps marketing, business development, and people operations functions. Jeremy is also an operating partner at 212MEDIA, a venture development firm that produced LeagueApps, Speakaboos, Saavn (exited to Reliance Jio), and LiftMetrix (exited to Hootsuite). Previously, he served in technology strategy roles at the Mitchell Madison Group and Generate Insights and was the Founder and CEO of poliVOICE. Jeremy holds a Bachelor’s degree from Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service, and a Master’s in International Affairs from Columbia University’s School of International & Public Affairs.

Steve Parker

CTO & Co-Founder

Steve is passionate about leveraging new technologies to create great products and services. His mission at LeagueApps is to empower the team to execute the product vision and to deliver the best possible experience for sports organizers, coaches, players and parents. Prior to co-founding LeagueApps, Steve was the co-founder of Sportsvite.  Steve was also the principal consultant at OpenEvolve Inc, where he led projects in product strategy, architecture, and software engineering for several Internet startups and large enterprises such as SAIC and the Washington DC Office of CTO. Steve holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Virginia.

Dana Weinbach

Senior Executive, Head of Business Development & Corporate Partnerships

Dana manages the business development department and corporate partnerships for the company. She brings a lot of experience and passion to the role having worked with the New York Red Bulls to help monetize their youth strategy, and with the New Jersey Devils ownership group where she was Vice President of Corporate Partnerships and Director of Business Development for the Prudential Center. Prior to that, she worked at OnSport/Wasserman Media Group and HBO. Dana graduated from Duke University and has two daughters, Jordyn and Chloe.

Rick Eddy

Vice President, Finance

Rick leads the Finance team at LeagueApps and works closely with each department to implement operational improvements and leverage company data. Rick came to LeagueApps from Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) where he most recently launched and managed the provider's startup accelerator arm. Prior to joining HSS, Rick was on the investment team at Cue Ball Capital and the Marketplaces Strategy team at eBay. Rick began his career as an Investment Banker at Deutsche Bank on the Health Care team. Rick graduated with an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA in Human Biology from Stanford University, where he earned All-American honors as a member of the varsity swim team.

Bob Daly

Head of Platform Engineering

Bob is a member of the founding team at LeagueApps where he has had (and continues to have) the privilege of working with highly motivated and intelligent individuals in the pursuit of creating a world-class platform from the ground up.  He oversees platform infrastructure and developer operations, with a keen interest in site reliability and scalability.  Before LeagueApps, Bob held various software and systems engineering roles focused on distributed computing, automated publishing, and data stewardship. Bob earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Virginia, where he studied Environmental Science and Computer Science. He also holds a master's degree from the School of Information at the University of California, Berkeley.


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Mike Calabrese

Career Highlight: This portion will serve as a coming attraction. I'm looking forward to hosting a company wide trivia night.

Drew Warren

Career Highlight: Captain of both the basketball and lacrosse teams during my senior year at Cumberland Valley High in central Pennsylvania.

Brittni Dunn

Career Highlight: Scoring the game winning run in a 1995 rec girls softball game, securing the second place slot for the "Taco Bell Supremes".

Colby Auerbach

Career Highlight: Winning gold, representing Team USA, in Beijing, China for the 2004 International Summer Games.

Ryan Van Bochoven

Career Highlight: Playing lacrosse for 4 years at Messiah College and scoring a hatty freshman year in a rival game.

Michael Belloli

Career Highlight: Being the youngest team member chosen to play in on The Olympic "Miracle on Ice" rink in Lake Placid.

Mike Belt

Career Highlight: Talking my way out of running the 3200 in high school.

Michele Fried

Career Highlight: Jumping 35 feet to claim my high school triple jump record, which still stands.

Sheldon Marshall

Career Highlight: Inaugural Parkdale Winterblitz 171 pound Champion. Pinned his way through the bracket.

Nick Sutedjo

Career Highlight: Playing 4 years of college basketball at Cortland, 2 years as team captain.

Mike Dugan

Career Highlight: Being a part of a high school lacrosse coaching staff that holds the national record for most consecutive wins at 68.

Arden McWilliams

Career Highlight: Plowing the catcher in game 5 of the 2009 Frontier League Championship Series.

Jason Gilbert

Career Highlight: Making it this long without breaking any bones.

Jared Cooper

Career Highlight: Breaking the pop-a-shot record at the Champion's Bar in the Indianapolis Marriott while working the 2009 NFL Scouting Combine.

Javie Rios

Career Highlight: Winning National Title in the 800 meters in College.

Bryan Esslinger

Career Highlight: 400+ ft dead center go ahead home run against Canada in 2006 Big League World Series.

Jim Ambrose

Career Highlight: Shooting 5 three pointers in a row to finish out a championship game. I was draining threes at an early age.

Casey Miller

Career Highlight: Scoring the game-winning foul shot in a game for my JV basketball team freshman year.

Gavin Hughes

Career Highlight: Playing 4 years of high-school varsity hockey.

Taylor Collins

Career Highlight: Winning the first LeagueApps axe throwing competition.

Teddy Bugniazet

Career Highlight: Reffing basketball games at Ballin' for Charity on a scooter because I had a broken foot: #grit .

Dan Kolomatis

Career Highlight: Being drafted #1 overall for the LeagueApps basketball team without ever playing a game of basketball.

Melissa Macaluso

Career Highlight: Rallying a group of SPORTDOGs to spend a Friday night singing, dancing, and riding indoor bikes for 4 hours straight to raise funds for rare cancer research with Cycle for Survival!

Alex Needelman

Career Highlight: Being crowned summer ping pong doubles champion with Conor in 2017

Adam Manning

Career Highlight: After working as a coach, trainer, administrator, and director of coaching, I joined the LeagueApps Team to work with soccer organizers around the country.

Ryan Bulaclac

Career Highlight: Taking shots on the court at the Barclays Center with the LeagueApps Team.

Danielle Mazzilli

Career Highlight: Taking home the gold medal in the 2018 Office Olympics! Office chair curling was our best sport.

Jordan Paskow

Career Highlight: Hitting a go-ahead home run for the LeagueApps softball team.

Alex Ferstenberg

Career Highlight: I finally killed the fly that was buzzing around my desk all week. Everyone applauded when it was gone.

Asaf Winer

Career Highlight: Getting the opportunity to meet our Partners in person. It's rewarding to see the impact our product and service has on sports organizers and their communities.

Tyler Storch

Career Highlight: I was a manager for the University of Miami basketball team, and one day in practice coach L. let me play with the team and I made 3 threes in a row.

Zac Ahrens

Career Highlight: Out of my 3 older brothers and I, I was the only one to win the state basketball championship in high school. Bragging rights for Life.

Mike Granath

Career Highlight: Have run an adult non-profit softball league for 10 years and raised $100,000 for specific charity Initiatives.

Michael Kleinman

Career Highlight: Being named sales "Player of the Month" in March 2017

Rohit Kohli

Career Highlight: Having a one on one meeting with Shane Battier to learn more about leadership, culture, and the will to win.

Scotty Sutton

Career Highlight: Dressing up as the SportsDog mascot at Ballin for Charity and making the kids at the event laugh.

Maggie Hogan

Career Highlight: Conquering my first triathlon with my LeagueApps teammates Javie and Stephanie!

Tom Spiteri

Career Highlight: Spending my day speaking with organizers across the country about the passions we share.

Laveen Vasnani

Career Highlight: Winning some Bitcoin from the CEO after scoring a goal at our annual sales kickoff.

Harrison Forman

Career Highlight: Made the Maccabi USA futsal national team...#usa

Gautam Chowdhry

Career Highlight: Staying up all night working on the LeagueApps Holiday Hackathon - and winning!

Stephanie Vera

Career Highlight: Planning our first, 3v3 charity basketball tournament, Ballin' for Charity, growing it to the annual event that it's become.

Steve Hyland

Career Highlight: Winning our core value award for 'Passion' in front of the entire company - got so excited they had to play me out during my acceptance speech!

Kion Kasianenko

Career Highlight: In May 2018 I ran/cycled a total distance of 400 miles to become the first ever LeagueApps "Charity Mile" contest champion!

Brian Koffler

Career Highlight: Taking a charge in a corporate league basketball game. I do the little things that don't show up in the stat sheet.

Jake Price

Career Highlight: Beating the best ultimate frisbee team in Europe while representing the USA at a tournament in Amsterdam

DJ Silmon

Career Highlight: Witnessing the sportsdog mascot nail a 3 pointer, nothing but the bottom of the net during knock out at Ballin For Charity, 2017.

Joanna Johnson

Career Highlight: Bringing home the gold from LeagueApps' "Summer 2017 Olympics"!

Conor Kline

Career Highlight: Being crowned the "Fastest Person at LeagueApps" in a 40 yard dash.

Paul Cusick

Career Highlight: Being named 6th grade CYO basketball Christmas tournament MVP.