Bring Your Best Game on the Road with LeagueApps Play

Whether you’re playing home or away, LeagueApps Play is here to help. Stay connected with your members and help your coaches succeed with our free mobile app for team management and communication.

Schedules, Check-Ins, and More at Their Fingertips

Members can view team schedules, RSVP for games and practices, and get directions to the field directly in the app. Coaches can quickly check in players, add and edit events, modify and create locations, and input scores on the go. 


Messaging to Keep Them In the Know, On the Go

Connect to your teams in real-time with chat based messaging, push notifications, and a feed for high priority coach notes—helping you and your coaches keep members up to speed on schedule changes, location details, and more. 


No Wasted Time or Duplicate Data Entry

LeagueApps Play connects seamlessly to the LeagueApps dashboard—meaning no double data entry for teams or schedules—saving you and your coaches time on the back-end and making it easy to manage logistics on the road.


Available on Every Device, Always Ad-Free

LeagueApps Play is available to download in the App Store and Google Play Store, and free to download for you and your customers. It’s simple to use and totally ad-free, helping you deliver an amazing member experience. 


Powering leading clubs, camps, tournaments, and leagues

Get a Branded Mobile App

With a branded version of LeagueApps Play, you can feature your organization’s unique brand elements, colors, and logo on your members’ home screens. Instead of searching for LeagueApps Play, members can search for your organization’s name in the app stores!