No Commitment

Pay as you go. No long-term commitments required.

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One Time Payment, Lifetime Service

Pay a small, one-time fee to launch your programs and get up and running on LeagueApps.

Only Pay When You Play

We collect a small % of your online transactions, and there is no cost for offline payments. Consistent % pricing for credit card fees guaranteed.

Goodbye Invoices

We automatically take the small fee out of each registration payment. No monthly or annual invoices. Easy to track through LeagueApps Gateway.

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Powerful Add-Ons

Pay an annual fee for our custom website design service, and download our free team management and communications app.

Tailored Discounts

Volume discounts for larger organizations. Discounted rate for non-profit organizations.

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Powered by Stripe

Quick setup. Payments straight to your bank account. No storage fees. Top-notch security. That’s why we power LeagueApps Gateway with Stripe.

Instant Credits and Refunds

When you refund, we refund 100% of the refunded amount back to the cardholder and pay back your transaction fees. It’s easy to issue credits for future registrations.


Our transparent and straightforward pricing accounts for the size and type of your organization and any add-ons you need to grow your business - from websites to team communication apps and more! 

Start growing and scaling your business with LeagueApps today.


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