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Collect registrations and payments. Payments go directly to your bank account. LeagueApps then charges a small percentage of those transactions.

Registration Payments

LeagueApps takes a small fee on all payments processed through the LeagueApps platform.

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You pick your preferred payment gateway and the money goes directly to you. No fuss.

How does Pricing Work?

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New to Payment Gateways? Check out the options available to connect with your account.
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custom solutions

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How much does it cost to sign up for LeagueApps?

Creating an account is  free! There are no upfront costs, and you can tryout  LeagueApps features at no cost. Once you plan to use the LeagueApps platform we will encourage you to select our launch service.

LeagueApps will only charge a small fee when transactions are processed through the platform. There are no fees for offline payments or when you make refunds. There are no monthly fees. We’re teammates, so we’ll only make money when you make money.

Are there any fees? How do you make money?

Currently, LeagueApps only charges fees for transactions processed through our platform. We’ll collect a small percentage of your online registration fees (note: your payment gateway fees are separate), depending on your net monthly volume of transactions processed. We do also offer launch services, for a fee, to help with setup and training (read the next question).

Still have pricing questions or need a quote? Contact us.

I need some help! Do you offer setup or training services?

Yes. LeagueApps team of coaches, trainers and gurus can help you properly configure and  setup your account and guide you through the launch process. We provide a launch coach to your organization depending on your needs, budget and timing for launch.
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How do I start processing online payments through my account?

In order to start processing online payments, you’ll need to create your payment solution by connecting your account to one of the supported payment gateways.

Are there are any contracts or subscriptions?

Nope. You can come and go as you please. No hidden fees or bogus charges.

Are there any additional add-ons?

Yes!  With the new LeagueApps App Center, partners can now add additional features like SMS Messaging and a Hotline to their platform.  See all the details in your account under ‘App Center.’ There are no additional fees for these features.

Do I have to change my leagues fee structure?

No. LeagueApps accommodates customized fee structures to fit the specific needs of your organization. You can have multiple fees, discounts, installments and can customize the registration process for your members.

Are there any hosting or storage fees?

Nope. Hosting and storage are included as part of the basic service.

What is a “Merchant Account” and a “Payment Gateway”, and why do I need one?

A Merchant Account is a type of bank account that is set up to allow your organization to accept credit cards. A Payment Gateway is an external service that enables a merchant website (e.g., a sports club website powered by LeagueApps) to securely connect to a “Merchant Account”, and send credit card transactions. In order to accept online payments through LeagueApps, you must have a payment solution that is compatible with our system. If your organization does not have a merchant account, we can help you obtain one. For more information, see our payment gateways page.

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