Manage Your Facility and Your Organization with One Solution

Manage your facilities alongside your scheduling, registration, payments, communications, and reporting in one tool. Easily schedule, view, and manage bookings across all of your spaces—both owned and rented—and sync them directly to your schedule in the LeagueApps mobile app and web dashboards.

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Ditch the Spreadsheets and Multiple Tools

Our facilities product is fully integrated into LeagueApps, providing a one-stop solution for you to manage your facilities and bookings alongside all of your other operations. You and your facility’s customers will enjoy a simple, and intuitive experience—no longer needing to re-enter data in multiple systems because of our flexible booking options.


Easily Schedule Across All of Your Spaces

Whether you have four indoor courts or 50 soccer fields, a seamless booking process will simplify your day-to-day facility management. LeagueApps Facilities will make it easier for you to manage bookings across all your spaces, automatically syncing scheduled practices into the LeagueApps mobile apps and web dashboards.


Run Your Facilities The Way You Want

Take advantage of our advanced features and configurable settings, including bookings across multiple spaces, split bookings between teams, price flexibility by space, padding on bookings, multiple teams assigned to one field, external booking requests, allowing bookings to recur, repeat, and overlap; and more!


Track and Manage Invoices in a Few Clicks

LeagueApps Facilities tracks time and the associated cost of the teams and events using your space. Utilize invoicing tools that will allow you to save time and collect more payments each season, including mass and multi-group invoicing, aging reports, external booking invoices, offline payments, and payment and change logs.


Take Your Facility Operations to the Next Level

Better leverage your staff and customers with extensive reporting, filtering, communications, and other convenient facility management tools, including agreements, user bookings and requests, unlimited administrator accounts with customizable permissions, change logs tracking all system events, customizable email templates, Excel or PDF data exports, and more.