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By LeagueApps
November 19, 2013
3 min

Want to launch your new LeagueApps website or upgrade your existing site design and UI? Well, Look no further!

LeagueApps enables web designers to use a full suite of tools and access HTML and CSS code to customize a site design. This allows partners to create a more unique look and feel that captures their brand. So LeagueApps has compiled a growing list of professional designers that are familiar with the LeagueApps platform and have partnered with LeagueApps partners. You can view the LeagueApps Designer Roster here.

We previously put together a blog post called LeagueApps Loves Professional Designers. In the post we shared some sites and web design tools and guides.

Here are a few FAQ’s to help you understand and make the most out of The LeagueApps web designer community…

Q: Why has LeagueApps created this directory of web designers?

A: LeagueApps developed and is sharing this list to help connect our league partners with professional designers. We realize that many of our partners don’t have the time, energy, or budget to search for a web designer. Our goal is help make it easy to find the right designer through our network.


Q: What are the benefits of using a LeagueApps Recommended Designer vs. a Web Design Shop?

A: Our recommended list of designers all have one thing in common – they all have a proven track record with LeagueApps. Each designer has helped build at least one site design on LeagueApps. In this process, they have been able to become more familiar with the design tools and functionality. Additionally, most of the designers charge a reasonable rate that is in line with the budgets of sports organizations.

Q: Does it matter if I am looking to build a FULL solution on LeagueApps or integrate LeagueApps into my existing site?

A: No, not necessarily. A web designer should be able to build a sharp design on LeagueApps, or any other popular content management  systems (some of the more popular CMS tools are WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal). Your designer can integrate the LeagueApps tools and functionality using LeagueApps widgets (more widget instructions here).

Q: What type of information do I need to be prepared to share when reaching out to a recommended designer?

A: Below are some of the key pieces of information you may want to be prepared to share with your prospective designer.

  • Budget
  • Timing
  • Design scope
  • Link to current site (list any pages you want to transfer over)
  • Examples of other sites you dig and want to model after
  • Contact info
  • Best times to be reached.

Q: How can I get introduced to one of these designers?

A: Feel free to connect with them directly. We’ve included their websites and contact information. The LeagueApps team can help make an introduction or connection or even discuss the different designers. Do let us know if you work with one of these designers though so we can add it to the directory and get your feedback on the experience.

Q: What are some examples of sites designed by recommended LeagueApps designers?

Q: I am a designer that is familiar with LeagueApps. How Can I be added to the list?

A: Awesome. Let us know about your work and we’ll gladly add your information to the new community directory.


Hit us up if you have any questions about design, or need help connecting with one of our preferred designers. And be sure to share your slick design with us if you invest in a professional design. We love showcasing our partner sites on the LeagueApps Success Stories Page!

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