5 Ways To Use LeagueApps To Attract More Members And Grow Your Organization

By LeagueApps
November 19, 2012
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LeagueApps has talked and listened to hundreds of sport league organizers. One of the most common wants and needs that we’ve consistently heard from all types of sports organizations is the desire to attract more participants for their programs.

How can we get more players / members?

How can we spread the word about our league / organization?

It’s crucial for sport leagues and clubs to have people find out about their programs, but unfortunately this is a common struggle. Even though there is often a high demand to participate in community sports activities, organizations’ marketing budgets are often limited and their focus is usually on actually producing the events.

This is where LeagueApps shows it’s value because the platform helps organizations with promotion and marketing by equipping them with modern digital tools that allow for continuous growth and success. In fact, organizations that use LeagueApps see 23% growth in registration volume in their first year!

Here’s 5 ways that LeagueApps helps your organization grow organically, or in other words, grow through ‘digital word of mouth’:

1. Optimize Your LeagueApps Site For Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization

LeagueApps equips your site with the ability to have good search engine optimization (SEO) that will allow your site to rank high on search engine results. LeagueApps lets your website have a custom domain name, custom content page URL’s, custom page titles and custom META descriptions and keywords – all of which help potential participants discover your website when they perform searches on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, AOL, etc. This blog post explains how you can use LeagueApps to ensure your website is easily searchable.

2. Facebook Sharing

Facebook Connect

LeagueApps has incorporated Facebook features into the platform so that your organization is visible to the ever-growing Facebook community. Players can register for your leagues through their Facebook profiles with one simple click to login.

You can also incorporate various Facebook ‘Like’ buttons across your LeagueApps site, which is a great way to promote your Facebook page to your members and site visitors. Your members will be promoting your organization through their Facebook news feed every time they ‘Like’ your page.  This makes our tools a simple yet effective way to cross-promote between your Facebook page and your LeagueApps site. Our registration publishing feature also allows players to share their registration on Facebook, which recruits the friends of anyone who signs up for a league. Learn more about LeagueApps teaming up with Facebook here.

3. Simple Registration For Your Members

A simple registration process is a huge factor in membership growth and sustainability. This is why LeagueApps makes it easy to register and pay for programs online. LeagueApps has a social registration process which includes a program profile that allows potential players or members to see all of the critical details of the program before they sign up – including who has already signed up, how much it costs, registration dates, deadlines and more.

As the organizer you can set up registration by teams, free agents, groups, or any combination of the three. You can set your prices, including different prices for individuals and teams, create early bird discounts, control payment deadlines and create a payment schedule that works best for you.

Making it easy for your members to sign up and making it easy for organizers to customize the registration process is a combination that results in more conversions from people visiting your site. Learn more about LeagueApps’ online registration tools here.

4. Email Marketing

Database Messaging

With LeagueApps’ messaging tool, you can automatically collect your member emails to use for email marketing (even non league members!), and manage them in a single, dynamic list. No muss, no fuss. Just an easy way to send messages to segments of your database. Learn about more of the features of the LeagueApps’ messaging tool here.

5. Mobile Website

Mobile Optimized Sites

This is the cherry on top of the LeagueApps features. It’s no secret that mobile is the future of how your members will digitally connect with your organization. Already, 30% of our league partners’ internet traffic is coming from mobile devices.  This trend will continue — and it’ll move quickly.  Average smartphone usage TRIPLED in 2011 (source).  In fact, mobile internet usage is predicted to surpass desktop internet usage by 2014 (source).

Prospective players and members can now access the features of your LeagueApps website on smartphones and iPad tablets. Just like the standard website, the mobile site is customizable to match your league’s branding and look & feel.  When your league members visit your site on their mobile device, they’ll now be redirected to your optimized mobile site. This feature truly allows your members to be involved with your organization before, during and after the game – and we’re continuously adding more mobile features. To learn about the specific features of mobile, read about our mobile release here and our first mobile update here.

Ready to Grow?

LeagueApps is here to make your lives easier and to help your organization grow. Our product will continue to improve with new marketing features, so if you’re interested in learning more about growing your sport organization get in touch with us now:

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