Sport Organizations Save Time and Stay Organized With LeagueApps

By LeagueApps
November 30, 2012
5 min

It’s a challenge to efficiently operate a recreational sports league today. Most organizers who become involved do so out of passion or love of sports. However, managing and maintaining the league while keeping participants satisfied can often be a struggle due to a small budget, a limited staff and even more limited time.

Most sport organizations have used the same operating procedure for years. This process can include folders, excel documents, hand crafted schedules, phone chains and more.

This traditional way of doing things might have worked in the past, but we live in a new age of participatory sports. Members today have come to expect a better overall experience for their registration dollars and there are now much easier and more efficient tools available to organizers in order to deliver this experience. LeagueApps provides these digital tools that simplify and make the job of a sport league organizer much easier and more efficient than ever before while enhancing the member experience.

Here are a few ways that LeagueApps saves sport and social organizations time, keeps them organized and keeps their members happy.

Seamless Online Registration and Payments:

The registration process can be a nightmare for organizations using the old fashioned way. Mail-in registrations, in-person registrations, excel documents, cash, and checks all take too much time and effort.

Digital is simply the way to go for registration today. Using LeagueApps, players can register and pay for a league in a matter of minutes by using tools like Facebook Connect. All invoices and transactions are taken care of in one secure and user friendly place. As the admin of your LeagueApps site you can also issue credits, refunds, voids, and prices changes for any of your players or programs during registration – and at any time you can view accurate, up-to-the-minute accounting, cross-referenced with your leagues (if you have multiple leagues).

Once players are registered for a specific program, the player and their invoice automatically and seamlessly attach themselves in the program database for that particular program – which makes it incredibly easy to maintain, communicate with, and balance your programs. LeagueApps registration tools take the hassle out of collecting your player’s information and money, and it makes it much easier for the players to register.

Easily manage all of your teams and players:

Creating balanced teams and grouping players can be a difficult and time consuming task – especially for coed leagues.  Finding teams for individuals, free agents and friend requests can be hard to keep track of and it can be difficult to make everyone happy.

You can filter, search and print lists of your registered participants all in one place with LeagueApps. Our tools also allow you to easily move players between leagues and teams, to and from the free agent pool or wait list. You can also manually add new participants who may have registered away from your site. Managing your teams and players is painless and easy with LeagueApps.

Create Schedules in minutes…Update Scores and Standings in Seconds!

Putting together a fair and balanced schedule could be the most difficult and time consuming task that a league organizer has to deal with. Matchups, game times, locations…to say the least, the eraser or delete button on the keyboard can get a workout when a schedule is manually created. Physically keeping track of and updating standings is also time consuming and will most likely result in errors somewhere down the road.

Our schedule generator produces full league schedules in seconds with just a simple click of the mouse and settings are customizable based on inputs for days, time, locations and a few other options. You can also quickly enter scores and even assign other admins, captains and co-captains privileges to enter results themselves. Your league website’s scoreboards and standings are also updated automatically, in real-time. The scheduling and standings tools on LeagueApps save an incredible amount of time for league organizers.

Communicate with All Of Your Members From One Place:

The phone tree is dead and it was never that efficient to begin with. Contacting your players with important information should not take multiple phone calls or emails. Messaging should be quick and straightforward – and it should reach members instantaneously.

With LeagueApps, organizers can manage all contacts in one dynamic list and message players all at once or schedule messages for the future using our messaging tool. Messages can be sent to specific sports, leagues, teams, roles, or even individual members and the messages can be sent to the player’s personal LeagueApps dashboard and their email. With LeagueApps your organization will have access to mobile team messaging, mobile organizer announcements and players can log into the mobile site through Facebook. Soon members will even be able to receive push notifications on their phones when messages are sent to their dashboard. LeagueApps is revolutionizing the way organizers and participants communicate in sport and social leagues with more effective and accessible messaging.

Generate All Kinds of Useful Reports:

Generating reports is an excellent way to aggregate information about your members, registrations and invoices – but it’s very difficult to do when your league’s information is static.

With LeagueApps’ reporting tool you can search and filter across all your activities, find exactly what you’re looking for, and take action on past due invoices. Admins can view up to the minute accounting of the entire league as well as past registration data, invoices, emails received, and log in stats of each member. Extracting member reports can aggregate and organize important information for potential business development of the league. For example if you Customize Member Profiles and ask your participants what their favorite beer is and 200 people respond with a particular beer, you can go to a local bar and present this information for a potential sponsorship deal. The LeagueApps reporting tool allows for ultimate organization with your league’s information.

Ready To Save Time and Stay Organized?

All of the digital tools built into the LeagueApps platform were designed and created to save league organizers time and stay organized. You’ll be amazed at how much more efficient LeagueApps makes your sport or social organization immediately. To learn more or see a live demo of the tools described in this post, contact us now: