Promote your Programs with Twitter!

By LeagueApps
December 24, 2011
2 min

Last month, the LeagueApps team officially began its social integration by launching our first Facebook project.  Our goal with ‘social’ is to help our league partners ramp up promotion of their club activities, while getting members more engaged and better connected. Driving home the theme of promotion and engagement, we have now given league organizers the ability to include a Tweet button on any program page on your LeagueApps site. This latest feature allows organizers to leverage Twitter as another tool for promoting activities.  Much like the Facebook buttons we have added to LeagueApps,  these Tweet buttons give the members themselves the means to promote directly from the site.

If you don’t have a Twitter account setup, you can create a Twitter account here.

To include a Tweet button in your program page, go to the “Manage” tab in your LeagueApps Manager console.  Then follow the steps listed in our Twitter Help article.

Once a Tweet button is added to a program page, any site visitor (member or non-member) can see the button, click it, and share the page link with his/her Twitter followers.  Tweets are sent directly from the program page, saving tweeters the hassle of having to log-in to Twitter and tweet from their accounts.

Tweet buttons are a great way for members and site visitors to promote programs via Twitter and to ultimately help boost the amount of registrations to a program.  As a league organizer, this is yet another way to benefit from your member base’s social reach.  The more Tweets get shared and the more Twitter followers your members have, the better chance you have of recruiting new signups!

Below is an example of where to find the Tweet button on a LeagueApps program page:

Stay tuned for many more social features in 2012, including more Twitter integration, Facebook Apps, and much more.  Let us know what questions you have.  We also love to hear your feedback when using these new features, so feel free to hit us up!  Contact our Account Manager Asaf, at 646-660-9430 or at awiner@sportsvite.com.


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