More Flexibility with Program Settings

By LeagueApps
March 12, 2014
3 min

We just released a new set of features that offer more flexibility with program settings.  These updates are designed to give you the versatility you need to run your programs effectively and efficiently.  Here’s an overview of the new release.

Staff Registration

We recently added the ability to create and  customize your own program staff roles, and assign members into these roles.  In this release we expand that functionality.  The following features have been added to the system:

Program Staff Self Registration
A member can self-register to a program as a staff member on that program. Additionally, they can create a team while doing so. This enables a “coach” to register and add a team, or a referee to register into a program. Other use-cases include volunteers or assistant coaches joining a team.

Program Staff Invite Team Players
The designated “primary”  staff member on a team is authorized to invite players to that team.

Program Staff Team Payments
The registration payments system has been updated to allow the “primary” team-assigned program staff member to participate in team payments, if settings are set that way.

When creating/editing Staff Role definitions, you can specify permissions for each role (see below). Read the help article for more instructions on how to configure staff registration.

Age Restricted Programs

You can now set age groups for individual programs. This program registration setting allows you to restrict registrants by an age range. For this to work properly, you must require Member Birth Date at the site level. You can also set an effective date for age restrictions, which means you can allow someone to register if they will be of age by the program start date.

Click here for more details on how to configure age restricted programs.

Program Selection Filters

We’ve enhanced the ability for participants to filter and find the program that meets their needs. The following features have been addressed:

Program Filters in Registration Flow
During the registration process when you are required to select a league, players can now filter by the following: Sport, Season, Days of the Week, and Location.

Program Filters in Leagues Discovery
On the League Listings page on your website, players and potential players can now filter leagues by the following: Sport, Season, Days of the Week, and Location.

Additional Items

A number of minor tweaks were made to the system as well, including updates to the HTML content editor, admin console labels and design, and burst handling for high concurrency registration.

As always, we welcome your feedback. Please reach out to us with any questions you may have.  We have many more features in the works and cant wait to share them with you.


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