LeagueApps Teams Up with Serve® From American Express To Make Team Payments A Whole Lot Easier!

By LeagueApps
June 8, 2012
2 min

LeagueApps is excited to announce a partnership with Serve from American Express. LeagueApps is offering all of our league partners an opportunity to participate in a marketing program that lets our partners share the benefits of Serve with all of your members and participants.

While LeagueApps provides functionality for online registration and fees paid by teams and players to your organization, several payment use cases are still not covered for your players. There are various costs to divvy up for sports activities including additional league fees, equipment, uniforms, ref costs, and field or gym time. Even those watermelon slices are being paid for by someone! It’s often inefficient for your team captains or players to collect payments from a large group and it can leave him or her in a bind.

Serve is a digital prepaid account designed for all of us that lets users securely send and receive money by email, txt and Facebook. Through this partnership, teammates and group members that are part of the LeagueApps platform will be enabled to easily share payments or fees.

Serve callouts and banners will be incorporated into both Sportsvite.com and the LeagueApps platform to drive awareness and connect with your members when they may need to collect money from or send money to teammates. This includes LeagueApps integration through the registration confirmation page, team homepage, team messaging feature and website footer.

Each league partner will also receive their own page with creative assets and best practices to incorporate into your website, social media profiles, emails and promotions in a way which best suits your league and will track all the accounts generated from players in your organization.

Complete this survey application form if your organization would like to be considered for this marketing partnership. You can also learn more about the Recreational Sports Network (RSN) and how LeagueApps attracts marketing partnerships around local sports.

Benefits that will make it easier for your members to manage their team or sports activities include:

Send & Receive Payments Through Mobile Devices
Players interact with their teammates on the field, not in front of their computers, so it’s important to have a flexible multi-platform solution to share payments. With the Serve mobile app, players can manage their account and send or receive money while on the go.

Make Team Purchases With Your Serve Card
When players set up their Serve account, they will also receive a digital prepaid card that can be used to make purchases wherever American Express® Cards are accepted in the U.S. This allows your team to keep funds in a Serve account and make purchases using Serve throughout the season.

Interested in working with Serve? Fill out the form now!

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