LeagueApps Makes it Easier to Schedule Divisions!

By LeagueApps
April 26, 2012
2 min

Many of our league partners like to setup their divisions as separate programs on LeagueApps. We just made it possible to schedule games between two teams who play in different divisions (i.e. cross-divisional scheduling). The LeagueApps squad made this feature update to give our partners the flexibility to allow teams in separate divisions to play one another. We realize one thing when it comes to scheduling – the more options, the better!

Any sports organization can now add cross-divisional games to their schedules on LeagueApps. This can be useful if you have several divisions in a season and want to give teams in different divisions the opportunity to play one another. It gives teams who wouldn’t normally cross paths the chance to mix it up with different opponents and meet new faces. You can even hype up your season finale by having the leaders of each division square off for a shot at the season title! Another use-case we’ve seen is with organizations who are scrambling to finish building out a schedule for their season. They now have the ability to schedule out-of-league games and easily fill up their schedules. Some organizations even match up teams in different skill level divisions for fun. For instance, a soccer team in the recreational division might face a team in the competitive division.


Read our help article for detailed instructions on how to handle cross-program scheduling. Once you schedule a cross-program game, you should see a green symbol on the schedule next to the game (see below).



We’re interested to hear how you like to schedule your divisions on LeagueApps. As always, send us feedback and let us know how this is helpful to you. Hit up Asaf if you’d like to chat – 646-660-9430, or awiner@sportsvite.com.

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