How to Make Smarter Decisions for Your Youth Sports Organization with Data & Analytics

By Melissa Wickes
November 29, 2023
3 min

The plight of a youth sports organizer is a complex one. By day, you’re a coach, mentor, trainer, and organizer who makes sure programming runs smoothly, games start on time, kids are where they need to be, and everyone is happy. By night, you’re a marketing manager, data analyst, accountant, and sometimes even a web developer. 

How is it possible to get everything done in a day, not to mention done right? Well, as any entrepreneur knows, you need to prioritize.

Data is one of the most important places to look when figuring out what to prioritize in your organization. It provides a comprehensive picture of what is working in your organization, what isn’t, and what needs some extra attention. 

Since the Product Team at LeagueApps has not yet figured out how to make kids listen to their coaches, referees want to referee, or parents stop getting heated during games, we decided to take a look at what we can do to strengthen your data & analytics. We are a technology company, not therapists, after all. 

Enter LeagueApps Analytics

Introducing our newest product release—LeagueApps Analytics. This tool has made LeagueApps the most advanced data and analytics platform for youth sports by providing you with the reporting and analytics capabilities used by the most sophisticated technology companies in the country—all within LeagueApps.  

So what does this mean for organizations like yours?

When using LeagueApps, you can now access organization-level and site-level reporting all within your LeagueApps dashboard. LeagueApps Analytics spans across all of your LeagueApps sites, so you can view and compare all of your cross-organization data and insights with ease—whether you have two sites or two dozen sites.

Why Use LeagueApps Analytics

Like any great technological breakthrough, LeagueApps Analytics has been in beta for a few weeks now and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. What we’ve concluded is that automating and simplifying complex analytics tasks saves organizers hours and hours of time.

Some of whom we’ve spoken to have even said they recently hired people for the exact tasks that LeagueApps Analytics now solves for them! Here are some reactions we overheard at NextUp a few weeks ago when we previewed LeagueApps Analytics:

“This is business impacting. I can’t wait to get my hands on this. It will save me 10-15 hours per month.” 

“This is hours and hours of work we don’t have to do now…We hired someone to try to get the enterprise metrics data, and now it’s here and free.” 

LeagueApps Analytics now gives you the ability to find the exact data you need with the click of a button—no more searching through folders and files on your computer (or worse, stacks of paper). Filter your data by dates and view data from all time periods going back as far as you’ve been with LeagueApps. This includes any data ranges, specific dates, periods of time, and more—across both the site and organization level.

What’s more, any report or dashboard from LeagueApps Analytics can be exported immediately, or on a schedule of your choice. You can send these reports to any email address, and choose to schedule exports at specific days and times with specific conditions. So if your partner likes to view site reports at 6 every morning while he rides the recumbent bike, you no longer need to get up with him—let LeagueApps Analytics send the report for you.

The reports available now on LeagueApps Analytics are just the beginning. We’ll be adding several additional reports over the coming months including retention, attendance, financials, and more—all with the goal of giving you the most comprehensive insight into your programs. 

This blog is just a small taste of what LeagueApps Analytics can do to transform your organization. If you prefer to get into the nitty gritty, technological details, you can read all about what LeagueApps Analytics has to offer on this Support Article. 

If you’re not yet a partner of LeagueApps and would like to learn more about what LeagueApps Analytics can do for you, click here to schedule a call with one of our youth sports specialists.