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3 Time Management Tools That Help Sports Organizers Save Time

By Melissa Wickes
November 14, 2023
3 min

We know that time is a sports organizer’s most valuable resource, whether you’re decades into the youth sports world or just beginning your journey. That’s why youth sports technology that can save organizer’s time by automating administrative processes is so important. The less time you’re spending inputting data, the more time you’re out on the field.

The most successful sports organizers know that to reach a certain level of success, you have to be an expert in time management. Having one platform for registration, communication, and payments is a way to save hours and hours of time on administrative tasks (rather than switching between multiple platforms for each task).

When thinking about experts of time management in youth sports, former SUNY College of Cortland lacrosse captain and current Co-President of Dynamic Sports Management George Breres comes to mind. George has more than a decade of experience in athletics as a coach, director of operations, and manager.

We reached out to George to pick his brain on how he is able to save so much time by using LeagueApps. Here are his go-to time management tools that can help you spend more of your most valuable resource how you want.

Time Management Tool #1: Easy Training & Implementation

Despite the success of Dynamic Sports Management and its subsidiary Team 91,  the admin staff had plenty of logistical hurdles to overcome.

Perhaps the most debilitating one was using a registration system that was difficult to maintain. It was a challenge to get the staff trained on the platform, and this served as a sort of bottleneck for day-to-day operations.

Most requests for service were ignored by the registration platform’s customer service team, and as a result, tasks that should have taken minutes to complete were bogging admins down for hours, sometimes days. When George and his staff switched to LeagueApps, he was “blown away by the service and training provided by the LeagueApps Launch team.”

“The entire journey has been incredible. From implementation to ongoing support from the Customer Success team, having the ability to speak to someone has been so valuable. Plus, our admins are training other admins and team members. It’s been a very simple process.”

Getting other admins trained on the platform has been a great time management tool for George, as he no longer has to handle every aspect of the day-to-day and can focus on his specific big picture goals.

Time Management Tool #2: Feature & Product Updates

The LeagueApps Product and Engineering teams regularly roll out feature updates and enhancements for our partners. And because we’re partners, we’ll never charge you for using these new features. (Because that’s not how partnerships work!)

LeagueApps has been working with Atlanta United Training Programs for three years. Because we’ve developed a deep understanding of the program’s missions and goals, our Engineering and Product Teams are able to design solutions side-by-side with their team to help them grow the game of soccer in Georgia.

Another one of our partners, 3STEP Sports, was looking for a way to bulk register teams rather than individual players. LeagueApps worked with 3STEP to develop a new “Team Manager” tool, which allows admins to take bulk actions on teams for registrations.

“The updated features we receive are exactly what we need,” George says. “Sometimes it’s like they read our minds. When our admins come up with product ideas or feature recommendations, I get a notice from LeagueApps that they just released a new feature that is exactly what they described. Before I can ask for it, we just get it.”

With LeagueApps considering the input of our partners for updates to our product, our partners don’t have to spend time figuring out what needs to be implemented next to optimize a program.

The newest LeagueApps Product Update, LeagueApps Analytics, (which is in beta) just made LeagueApps the most advanced data and analytics platform for youth sports! The update introduces a host of incredible new reports and dashboards, at both the site and organization level, that save organizers hours and hours of time on data collection. The Analysis capabilities will be live for all LeagueApps partners starting in December 2023.

Time Management Tool #3: Mobile-Friendly Access

Chief among George’s most time-consuming tasks was fielding calls on a daily and weekly basis. His staff was often overwhelmed attending to customers’ needs.

Creating a mobile-friendly user experience on the website helped drastically, he tells us. Considering that total internet usage is dominated by mobile devices—our own website sees roughly 64% of mobile usage—it’s no wonder that the staff of Team 91 and Dynamic Sports saw a drastic decrease in calls fielded.

“I can’t tell you how many hours it’s saved us. Our overall efficiency skyrocketed and really made the experience for parents much better.”

On the admin side, mobile optimization has empowered the staff to make adjustments away from the office or even on the fields. Things like up-to-the-minute information that needs to be passed on to coaches, parents, or players can be done in seconds.

Start Saving Time

Saving time on day-to-day administrative tasks will significantly improve the productivity of your organization, thus allowing you to provide better youth sports experiences to your customers.

Are you interested in trying out these time management tools? Start saving time today by demoing these tools and more.