The New Mobile App for Youth Sports Admins—Not Just Coaches, Parents, and Players

By Melissa Wickes
May 30, 2024
3 min

It’s 2024 and you can access everything on your phone—from takeout and calling a cab to your calendar and online shopping. Why wouldn’t you also oversee your business from your phone? 

LeagueApps Play has long been a leading mobile app for youth sports organizations, with the app’s functionality catered toward coaches and parents. As a result, maybe you as an admin don’t have the best understanding of the ins and outs of the app. 

Now, with Admin mode, youth sports administrators get their own view on the app to seamlessly oversee their organization using the same top-rated, free app your members and coaches know and love. All of the details you need to keep a pulse on the teams in your organization are now accessible on the go—with more visibility into what’s actually going on program-to-program. 

And, the mobile app abides by the permissions that admins have in the LeagueApps web dashboard, so you can ensure admins are seeing the right information.

Here’s more about it. 

Manage Programming

Things change in youth sports quickly, and you don’t always have time to run to your computer to adapt. Make scheduling changes immediately from your phone—whether you’re on the field, at the grocery store, or en-route to a tournament (but don’t LeagueApps Play and drive!). 

If there’s one or two programs that need a little extra love from you, you now have the ability to search and pin specific programs to your program management page to instantly access these teams, schedules, members, details, and communications.

Here are some other things you can do from the palm of your hand as an admin:

  • 🥅 View, create, and edit games and events
  • 🤳 Contact team members via call, text, and email
  • 📍 Create custom locations
  • 👥 Create external teams
  • 📋 Submit check-ins
  • 💰 See member details and payments due
  • 🔢 Add and edit scores
  • 📩 Send RSVP reminders
  • 💬 View of read-only team communications
  • 📆 Access program-wide teams’ schedules and details

View & Contact Members

Your number one priority is providing an amazing experience for your players, but you also have to get paid or that’s not possible. Stay on top of member profiles and payment status, as well as call, email, and text guardians and coaches on-the-go.

Oversee Communications

It’s crucial that administrators have insight into what’s going on on each team so they can step in when there are issues and concerns, help processes run more smoothly, and ensure every player is getting what they need out of their experience. 

Now more than ever, complex issues are popping up on the field—like parent altercations and referee debacles—so having read-only access to team communications is important. And don’t worry, coaches and members will be notified that admins can view all teamwide chats—hopefully this promotes sportsmanlike behavior!

Switch Between Views

Since your organization offers stellar programming, maybe you coach or your own kids are also playing some of the programs you manage. That’s why you can easily switch between admin and member views on LeagueApps Play. 

But wait, there’s more!

Here’s a brief look into how Admin mode can change the way you manage your business:

There are a bunch of Admin mode additions to LeagueApps Play in the works—are you interested in learning more about them and getting started with the existing features? 

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