How To Publish your Registration to Facebook

By LeagueApps
April 10, 2012
< 1 min

Last month, the LeagueApps squad released a powerful Facebook registration publishing feature. The feature allows players to share their sports activities with their Facebook friends. By pushing their registration links out to Facebook, your members can act as your sports organization’s salespeople and recruit new players for your leagues.

We made a brief video that illustrates how players can publish their registrations to Facebook each time they register for a program. The video walks through Facebook registration publishing and shows the viral impact it can have.

Facebook registration publishing can play an integral role in your organization’s growth. As players signup and publish their registration links to Facebook, their Facebook friends can follow the link and register for a program on your site. This leads to BETTER exposure, MORE registrations, and NEW members!!

Check that your Facebook Settings are configured so you can start leveraging Facebook registration publishing. Next up for Facebook, we’ll be creating Facebook Page Apps, allowing for even more integration between your LeagueApps site and Facebook fan page. Stay tuned for more details.

If you have any questions/feedback on Facebook or you need your Facebook App integrated, just ask Asaf! You can reach him at awiner@sportsvite.com or 646-660-9430.

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