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Easily Collect Pre-Game Health Checks

Leagueapps Health Checks integrate right into your program setup, making it easy for participants to self-screen prior to showing up for any scheduled game, practice, or event, so they can go straight to playing when they arrive.

Integrate Health Checks into Your Event Page

Six hours prior to an event, players can self-evaluate their health through a simple questionnaire based on CDC guidelines that lives on the event details page in their Member Portal — the same place where they find information about the time and location of an event. After completing the form, participants will immediately be informed if they are approved for play.


Automate the Collection Process

Admins can quickly turn on Health Checks in their LeagueApps dashboard. Once turned on, Health Checks will instantly be added to all event pages and an automated email will be sent to attendees six hours prior to an event — saving you hours of manual outreach.

Track it All on the Back-End

You and your staff will be able to view Health Checks results on each scheduled event's details page. You can also access member Health Checks statuses in the Schedule View within your LeagueApps dashboard, making it easy to stay on top of your health and safety game.


Turn on Health Checks

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