The Launch Service

The LeagueApps launch team is ready to help your organization get setup with your LeagueApps solution. Your very own Launch Coach will help you configure LeagueApps to go live efficiently and on time!

LeagueApps offers a full launch service.

Launch Service Is Awesome Because…

  • Learn from the Pros A launch coach will help you get the most out of the LeagueApps tools and features.
  • Get your own launch coach Our launch team will make sure you get the right service that you need.
  • Live real-time training One on One. You got it–live, via screen sharing, learn with us.
  • Breeze through the launch checklist Your launch coach will guide you through each phase of the process.
  • Join the LeagueApps community! We've built a network of sport organizations to meet and connect.
Create your account Work with your launch coach Get your site live!

What are our Partners saying about Launch Packages?

The Launch Service gave me a basic understanding of how the different league programs work with each other, scheduling, workarounds, and other basic info that was a little more in-depth than what I could get at first glance.

Dustin Maxey
Pong Rock

The actual launch process is great – LeagueApps went above and beyond in my regards – the BGF LeagueApps page looks awesome. I was impressed that my launch coach took the time to integrate the League Apps tools on our own BGF webpage.  

Seth Harrington
BG Frisbee

So, what are our Launch Packages?

Launch Service

The full launch service is the ideal package for the busy sports league organizer who wants a quick, efficient setup with a specific launch deadline. Your specific launch coach will help ensure that you and your staff are fully trained on how to use LeagueApps.

In the full launch setup package, your launch coach will schedule an initial launch call to review the organization’s needs, develop a launch plan, and confirm a launch date.

From there, we’ll guide you through all aspects of the launch process and determine the most optimal configuration. We’ll even get our hands dirty making sure payment solutions, domain, and design are setup properly.

Perfect for: busy league organizers who want to ensure their site launches correctly and on time. 

The Full package comes with everything we offer in the Basic package, plus the following:

  • Three (3) setup  and training calls
  • Audits for each phase of launch (planning, registration, and final steps)
  • Default settings for program creation and configuration
  • Customize mobile optimized templates
  • Facilitate and support design partners
  • Enable custom URL
  • Complete site audit before launch
  • Dedicated launch coach
  • Full access to launch checklist
  • Three (3) live setup and training calls (Screenshare webinar)
  • Email support with your launch coach
  • Enable Facebook Integration
  • Unlimited email messaging tool access
  • Implement campaign pixel tracking
  • Access to LeagueApps help site
  • Access to phone & email support
  • Introduction to LeagueApps commnuity

Full Launch Package: $495

Basic Launch Package: $99

Learn more about Launch Services. Call us now at 800-257-3681 

Have questions about our Launch Service?

Do I need to buy a launch package?

We won’t force you! The beauty of LeagueApps is that you have the ability to setup and launch a complete site on your own. It’s free to test out the platform, create an account, and play around with our features and tools. If you are in the early stages of forming a sports organization you should feel free to have at it. The LeagueApps help site has over 50 articles that document all of the features and functionality. You WILL need to to purchase the launch service in order to have access to our launch team for questions, support, or to setup Facebook integration or a member import.

Do I need to wait for my initial launch call in order to get started with the launch process?

Nope! Once you create your free account on you can get started right away (we highly recommend getting started on your own regardless of your launch package!)

Are there any separate launch / setup fees aside from the launch package price?

Nope; those are the only fees we have. Check out how our pricing model works too.

Why should I buy a launch package?

Great question! At LeagueApps we talk to and help sports organizers everyday, and over the years we’ve learned and gotten feedback from you, the organizer, on what is most helpful while transitioning websites / back end systems. From experience, LeagueApps understands the ways to best transition your organization and help overcome the fear / uncertainty / doubt factors – this is where the value of a launch package is!

Can I provide feedback?

You betcha! We strive to be the best at getting better. We continuously receive positive feedback on the value of a launch package, which we love hearing, but we look forward to and accept constructive criticism with open arms. Help us get better by providing feedback on your launch experience here.

Want to speak to a Launch Specialist? Call Us 800-257-3681