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How to Get a Youth Sports Team Sponsorship

By Melissa Wickes
June 27, 2023
3 min

We’re all familiar with professional teams who sport the logos of brands across the front of their jerseys—like the Emirates slogan that displays across the chest of the Real Madrid and Arsenal players (or the Bantr logo on AFC Richmond’s jerseys in Ted Lasso).  

Did you know your youth sports team can also sport (pun intended) a sponsored jersey? Getting your youth sports team sponsored is a great way to obtain financial support, equipment, and other resources for your team—all while showing some love and support for local businesses. Here are some steps your youth sports organization can take to increase your chances of securing a youth sports team sponsorship.

1. Define Your Team’s Goals and Needs

What is it you’re trying to achieve by securing a sports team sponsorship? What areas do you need support in? Consider equipment, uniforms, travel expenses, and coaching fees as a place to start. 

2. Create a Sports Team Sponsorship Proposal

Potential sponsors are more likely to engage with your idea if you outline why it will be beneficial for them. Include where there name would be featured, information about your team, your team’s achievements, the demographics of your target audience (who comes to watch games), and how the sponsor’s brand will gain visibility through your team’s games and activities.

3. Identify Potential Sponsors

Create a list of local businesses or organizations that align with your team’s values, mission, or target audience.  Consider local sports stores, restaurants, healthcare providers, or companies with community involvement programs. You can also approach larger corporations with a local presence. Collaborating with parents of your players can be a great way to tap into the businesses that parents go to or are even connected to—they can help facilitate introductions and provide referrals.

4. Make Contact

Reach out to your potential sponsors with a well-crafted email (this can be templatized to make the process easier) or by visiting them in person. Don’t forget to introduce yourself and your team, express your interest in establishing a sponsorship relationship, and be clear about the benefits and what their support will do for your team.

If you don’t hear back immediately, don’t get discouraged. Politely follow-up via email or make a phone call. Persistence and professionalism without seeming impatient can make a difference.

5. Offer Different Sponsorship Levels

Create a range of sponsorship options to cater to different budgets and needs. For instance, you can have different tiers of sponsorship with varying benefits, such as logo placement on uniforms, banners, or promotional material.

6. Provide Exposure for Sponsors

Show your potential sponsors how you plan to give them visibility and acknowledgement—like logos on team uniforms, on your website, your social media, and in other ways at events. You can even promote their brand during games by selling their product or hanging a banner.

7. Build Relationships

Remember: sponsorship is not just about financial support, it’s about building long-term relationships. Treat your sponsors like partners and provide them with regular updates on your team’s progress and community involvement. Don’t forget to express gratitude and recognize their contributions when your team experiences successes.

8. Explore Crowdfunding or Fundraising Events

Consider organizing fundraising events or setting up crowdfunding campaigns to supplement your sponsorship efforts. By using LeagueApps E-commerce features, you can easily connect donations right within your registration flow. You can also share the links to your listings with their family, friends, and community to encourage donations for their favorite young athlete’s team.

Securing sponsorships takes time and effort. Tailor your approach to each potential sponsor when possible and don’t forget to make them feel valued in the partnership! 

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