Generate More Revenue Through Ecommerce With LeagueApps

Our Ecommerce features allow leading youth sports organizations to generate more revenue by selling and managing merchandise and donations on their website or right from their registration flow.

Create And Promote Products

When selling products using our platform, you can quickly add all details necessary to make a sale (like name, description, image, price, available inventory, etc.) so members can easily find what they’re looking for easily. Each product will have a public URL associated with it, so you can add it to your online storefront, homepage and other site pages, or share it directly with members.


Sell Merchandise Right From Your Registration Flow

Members can easily buy branded swag, gear, and equipment during registration, without having to go to another website or store. This will allow your organization to generate more revenue without adding an extra annoying step for your customers. And no worries if they forget to buy merch during registration—your online storefront and products will be accessible to them post-registration as well.


Grow Your Fundraising Efforts

Are your members trying to make donations to your organization but have trouble figuring out how? In addition to integrating Ecommerce, our platform gives them an easy way to submit donations, or perhaps purchase VIP packages for fundraising events, right within their registration flow. They can also share the links to your listings with their family, friends, and community to encourage donations for their favorite young athlete’s team!


Easily Manage & Track Orders And Refunds

With the ability to sell products before your program begins, we make it easy for you to determine the exact number of products you need to order to bypass any inventory headaches. If the products don’t work out for your members, don’t worry—you can easily cancel or refund product orders. All of this tracking and more is available in our Reporting feature, so you can easily process orders and understand what is driving your revenue.