Enhancements to Registration Process, Waitlist, Strict Payment Settings

By LeagueApps
December 4, 2013
3 min

We’re committed to continually improving the quality and user friendliness of the platform. It’s our goal to provide the best possible online experience for sports organizers as well as participants. We receive a lot of great feedback from our partners, and we take that feedback to heart as we plan out and make new product updates.

In our latest release, we made a few notable improvements to the registration flow. These improvements were designed to make the registration process much simpler for participants. These updates are outlined here:

Wait-list Improvements

We made some changes regarding the messages displayed to participants who are being placed into the wait-list. We received feedback that some participants were not realizing that they were in fact being placed onto the wait-list when they were. The new updates display bold and clear messages that indicate to the participant that they are being added to the wait-list, and that they are on the wait-list if they already registered. This should help eliminate confusion among players who sometimes unknowingly get wait-listed when thinking they actually have a reserved spot. To learn more about the Wait-list feature, check out our help doc »

Strict Payment Deadline Improvements

We added bold new messages that clearly tell participants when they are required to pay NOW in order to actually confirm their registration. We also tweaked the registration confirmation email message so that it is sent AFTER the registration payment step has occurred. These changes will help ensure that participants clearly know to follow through and complete payment at the time they register, thus eliminating the potential issues of participants accidentally forgetting to pay and inadvertently losing their spot. To learn more about using the Strict Payment Deadline settings, read our help doc about Registration Options.

Streamlined Registration User Interface (UI)

We made a number of improvements to the design and forms in the registration flow. It’s now simpler for participants to step through the process, catch form errors, and know exactly what they need to do next. As an example, check out the screenshot of the new and improved payment page below.

Additional Updates and New Help Docs

We also reviewed a couple key features, and updated our help documents for these. These should be helpful in getting you up to speed on using these.

Admin Roles Access Guide
We cleaned up all the administrator roles, and updated a new help doc to clearly explain what each role does and does not have access to. Check it out »

Managing Program Staff
We created a new help doc that outlines how you can use this feature to setup, assign and manage your program staff. Read more »

As always, let us know if you have any questions or comments about this update!