Build Teams After Tryouts Quickly Using Bulk Invite

By LeagueApps
July 7, 2016
2 min

It’s almost that time of year again for many club teams holding tryouts for the upcoming season. While it’s very exciting to get a new year of travel ball started, it can be a cumbersome process after tryouts to pick the players who made the team(s) and then get them enrolled for payments.

LeagueApps has a bulk action feature that was inspired by the tryout to club team process, a process we want to make as easy as possible for the organizer and players! Our bulk action feature includes the ability to multi-select and a bulk invite players from your tryout program(s):

Multi-Select Players

Go right down the list and check off the players from your tryout program that you want to invite to the team.

Bulk Invite Players

Enter a custom message and a registration link to the team the players are invited to. Once the invite email is received the player or parent can click the link in the email, log in to their account and select their payment plan (or pay all at once if you’d like).


To make your club season even easier this year, we now also offer a private option in our payment plans – which allows an admin to make a payment plan only accessible with a secret code – great for scholarship students or family specific payment plans!


Watch our webinar on how to use bulk invite to build your club team quickly.


Our webinar page is a great tool to use to help out your club team.

If you have any questions or ways that we can help you get ready for your next season, please contact us at