Tournaments & Events Released! Plus a few additional goodies.

By LeagueApps
May 3, 2011
3 min

You might have noticed some updates made to the product late last week. The biggest difference is that you can now create and manage two new types of programs in addition to Leagues: Tournaments and Events.

Below is an overview of everything included in this release.

Tournaments & Events

You can now create and manage Tournaments and Events in addition to Leagues. And, in the future, we’ll be adding support for additional program types. Overall, these features work just like the existing Leagues feature. Here are the main highlights:

Getting Started
You’ll notice that your “Manage” tab in the console now includes two new sub-options for Events and Tournaments, as shown below:

You’ll also notice the new enhanced button to “Create a Program”. Feel free to create Events for your upcoming socials, and Tournaments for the next Beer Pong shootout!

Update your Site Menu Items
For existing partners – in order to have your Events and/or Tournaments show up on your public-facing site, you’ll need to turn on your new menu items. We left these new menu items turned off by default, so that you could decide when to start using them.

To turn them on, go to “Content > Menu Items” in the console. You’ll see two new menu items, one for “Events” and one for “Tournaments”. Just enable them here, and they’ll automatically show up on your public site.

Grab your Registration Listing Widget
If you use widgets to integrate with your own remote website, you can grab a registration listing widget that is specific to program type. Check out “Content > Widgets”, and see the “Registration Listings” widget.

Related Features
There are a few more related features to point out here, which give you better control over the customization of your programs. See below:

  • We added some new fields that are specific to the different program types (e.g., Start Time was added for Events).
  • There is now a Logo option, so you can add an optional logo to your program homepage. See “Details > Logo Image” in your program’s context menu.
  • Notice the new “Preferences” sub-section under each program’s Settings tab (see “Settings > Preferences” in your program’s context menu). Here, you can enable/disable the Schedule, Standings and new Facebook Like button features. You can also customize the labels used for “Team”, “Free-Agent” and “Processing Fee”.

Next Steps
As we collect feedback, we will be expanding each of these features to include additional “program specific” features. So, please send any thoughts as you start using this!

A Few Administrative Features

In addition to the new Tournaments & Events features, we also added a few smaller yet frequently requested enhancements:

  • You can now “copy” a message from your “sent messages”. This is handy if you commonly resend the same or similar email message to your members.
  • We added a new setting so that you can control whether a team captain is allowed to invite players or not. This new setting is present in the Registration Options under Settings.
  • You can now update “notes” for each team, which are visible and editable only by admins (i.e., not captains). This feature is accessible in the console; see the program’s ‘teams listing’ page, and also on the ‘edit team’ page.

Bug Fixes

We also made a number of smaller tweaks and bug fixes, including at least the following:

  • Resolved an issue that sometimes popped up when attempting to reschedule a full day on the schedule.
  • The messaging feature had a glitch with the ‘send me a copy’ feature.
  • Fixed logic bug in standings tie-breaker rules.


That’s it for now. As always, we welcome your feedback!