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5 Easy-to-Use Tools You Need for Youth Sports Organization Growth

By Melissa Wickes
January 26, 2022
3 min

If you feel like you’ve been putting a ton of time and effort into your program and not seeing the organization growth you’d like, you’re not alone. The biggest struggles plaguing sports organizers always revolve around having to spend more and more time on the growth of their programs. Despite the time and effort they’re putting in, they’re often left wondering how to collect fees and dues in a timely manner, how best to communicate with program participants, how to improve customer experience, and—most importantly—how to grow faster.

You’re in luck, because we have the answers. LeagueApps Director of Enterprise Sales Roy Kohli shares the five tools any youth sports organizer needs to grow their program. He also offers his strategy behind enhancing registration, managing payments, utilizing your data, leveraging your website and social media, and generating more revenue through eCommerce. Are you ready to start growing your program? Keep reading for Roy’s automated growth plan for youth sports organizers looking to save time, expand their programs reach, drive more revenue, and positively impact their communities in a bigger way.

5  Essential Tools for Youth Sports Organization Growth

Website Design

Your website is your opportunity to showcase what makes you different as a youth sports organization—including the programs you offer, your coaching philosophies, your mission, your relation to the community, and your customer success stories.

When thinking about website design, you want to make it easy for anyone to understand quickly exactly what your organization is offering. Think about a parent who just moved to your town, why would they choose your program versus the one down the street? The core reason for your website is marketing.

Similarly, you want your website to be easy to navigate. Parents are on-the-go, so it should be easy for them to find things like registration and move on with their day.

Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, 70% of your website visitors are on their mobile devices. With that said, your website needs to be designed to be mobile-friendly.

The LeagueApps Design Shop team can help you make some upgrades to your website (or build one from scratch).

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Simple eCommerce

It’s no secret: Having eCommerce features be part of your website allows you to generate more revenue. You’ll be able to offer your customers products and collect donations all in one place (one where your customers can easily find it). Learn more about incorporating seamless eCommerce in your registration flow here.

Instant Communication

Being able to reach your customers and staff seamlessly solves a plethora of problems for sports organizers (and saves you time!). When you use LeagueApps, you’ll have a variety of communication features that make things simpler—like targeted emails and texts, automated email reminders, in-app messaging, and customizable email templates.

Data Management

Clear reporting and analytics will make it easier to understand your registration stats and payment activity. This will make it easy to fix issues, identify opportunities for new registrations, and create sponsorships.

Additionally, a common pain point of youth sports organizers that are already using a sports management software is that their customers’ data is being sold to third party advertisers and they’re getting bombarded by ads. In today’s world, that’s not acceptable. Protecting your customer’s data is a must and at LeagueApps, we’ll never sell your customers’ data.

Payment Collection

Collecting payments is how you keep your business afloat, and that’s why having a streamlined way to collect payments is vital. Not to mention, no two families are the same. Offering flexible payment options (like payment plans) allows you to meet your members where they are and will improve your retention rates.