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3 Tips to Remember When Setting Up Your Youth Sports Programs

By Melissa Wickes
July 15, 2022
3 min

Your sports management platform should make your life easier, not more complex. Our primary goal at LeagueApps is to do exactly that—plus save you time, streamline your operations, and create a better user experience for your players—so you can continue to offer amazing sports experiences to your customers. To help you avoid running into any issues or confusion when using our product to set up youth sports programs, we’ve boiled down setting up your programs to these three simple steps.

Use default settings.

Default settings are the site-wide settings you typically configure during the initial launch process of your site. You can set default registration options and default registration form fields to save you time when creating your youth sports programs on LeagueApps. 

Here are some things to note when setting up default settings:

  • Changes you make to your default settings will NOT apply to your existing youth sports programs. In other words, if you update your pricing on your default registration settings and have 15 upcoming programs listed on your site, you still need to manually change the pricing for each of those 15 programs to ensure that their pricing is fully up-to-date. 
  • Copying a program will duplicate the exact settings of the original program you are copying, but won’t take into account any default settings that have been updated after the program you are copying was created. If you do choose to copy a program, make sure that the program settings you are copying are up-to-date as well. More on how to copy a program.

How to avoid mishaps when using default settings:

  • Review and audit your registration settings before each season. Double-check that all of your registration settings (including pricing) and form field questions reflect your current registration process.
  • Be sure to update your default settings before you create your programs for the upcoming season. This will save you loads of time! You can simply create one program, then copy that program over if you have multiple programs.

Who pays?

LeagueApps allows you to collect payments for your youth sports programs in a variety of ways so you can figure out what works best for you. Whether you’re looking to collect payments from the coach or each player, you have options. For example, Free-Agent Pricing allows you to have individuals register for programs on their own (for free or for a fee).

Team Pricing has two pricing models. The first is Fixed Team Price, in which a team is assigned a single flat rate fee, regardless of how many players are on the team. The second is Variable Team Price, where the team is charged for each player that joins the team (based on a per-player fee). The two pricing assignment models you have are Primary Staff/ Captain Pays All or Players Share Payments.

What information do you want to collect?

Player information changes year to year, especially in youth sports. For example, you may need to ask your players for their height, skill level, or jersey number for each individual program they register for. 

By using registration form fields, you’re able to ask a different set of questions in each of your programs. To get more in depth about registration form fields, read our support article. 

How do you set up your youth sports programs?

If you’re not facing any of these difficulties when setting up your programs, don’t sweat it! You’re ahead of the game. Do you have any other tips and tricks that make using LeagueApps easier? If you have other questions regarding setting up your programs with LeagueApps, you can always reach out to us at or submit a request here. We’ll always get back to you within 24 hours!