The One Feature You Need To Simplify The Payment Process

By LeagueApps
June 15, 2016
2 min


Let’s face it. Collecting dues and fees is not exactly easy. Whether fees are collected at the start of registration or a payment plan is setup, it can sometimes cause some extra stress on the life of the organizer. That’s why LeagueApps was excited to launch Saved Payments.

In terms of transaction processing, Saved Payments is a game changer for organizers and participants alike. The two new features, Auto-Billing and One Click Payment, simplify the entire process for everyone. Here’s how they work.

Auto-Billing Payment Plans

Payment plans have become more and more common. LeagueApps understands this and gives administrators the power to set up payment billing options for participants. Unfortunately, sometimes a payment or two may be missed. Chasing down those final payments can be rather difficult and nerve-racking.

Enter auto-billing. Your registrants are still allowed to enroll in the payment plan. However, the new feature now safely and automatically stores their credit card information to setup recurring billing options. Organizers no longer have to set up reminders for payment and registrants no longer have to remind themselves which type of payment was used. No fuss, no muss.

One-Click Payment for Participants

Online shopping has gained steam in the consumer world. The ease of safely storing credit card information is just one of the reasons why e-commerce is so successful.

With one-click payment, registrants and participants can safely store their credit/debit card information to make current and future purchases. This is perfect for game time, at practice, or when players, parents or coaches are on their mobile devices.

The developers at LeagueApps are always working hard to make improvements and tweak the tools. But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t looking for feedback! If you have an idea or a question, be sure to contact them at You can also check out the forum.