New Admin and Team Tools – plus Building For Mobile

By LeagueApps
August 20, 2014
3 min

LeagueApps has deployed another release today – with new features in the admin console,  more roster management controls for captains/coaches, calendar updates, and a new mobile framework.

Copy Teams  (AKA “Team Rollover”)

Admin’s now have the ability to “copy” teams from one program to another.  When copying a team the existing team, players, and billing records will remain in place in the existing program and a copy will be created in the new program.   You’ll have the option to update the team name, and choose the relevant players/staff that you want to include in the copy.   We’ve nicknamed this feature “team rollover.” Check out the support article for more details.

Moving  Players &  Moving Teams

Different than copy, when  you “move” a player or a team, their complete record is transferred over to the new team or program, and no records remain in the original location.

Moving players between teams/programs has never been easier!  We’ve optimized this action to allow you to quickly move down a list of players and move them in an efficient manner.  The page no longer reloads and takes the user to the top of the page.

Moving teams and players on a team will now carry over any custom form to the new program – as long as the new program must have the same custom form fields as the original program.

Global Search

We’ve heard from our partners that when they login to LeagueApps that they have specific task in mind.  They are looking for a particular program, team, player, product, or invoice and need to take a specific action on that record.  We’ve introduced Global Search as way to facilitate these actions.  From any page in the admin console you can quickly choose what you are looking for, enter your search terms  and  perform your search.

The Global Search appears at the top of your site dashboard by default.  You can access the search from every other page in the console by clicking the new “Site Search” button in header which will make the search box appear.

More detail on the Global Search can be found in the following support article.

Roster Management

When enabled by an organization –  team captains and program staff  will be able to fully add players to their team, including custom profile and registration form fields.  They will also be able to edit any of their teammates custom registration form fields.

Site Level Calendar

Last month during our bi-annual all team meetings we held a Hackathon (which we dubbed LeagueAappathon) where we created and release a calendar tool for programs.  We’ve upgraded and integrated all the program calendars so each program’s events can be displayed and filtered on one universal site calendar.

Building For Mobile

We’ve made a note-worthy upgrade to our infrastructure that will allow us to move more quickly in building out a mobile optimized version of LeagueApps.  Every single page, both on the front end public site and back-end admin console will become mobile optimized.  This is a huge initiative that we have planned for this fall!  We will keep you updated on our progress.  As we roll out features we will be looking for beta-test partners.  Send us an email at if you are interested in trying out some of our new mobile features!

Other Techie Stuff

Recently Facebook made some changes to their API – which is what LeagueApps use to power our integration so we can allow players to login with their Facebook credentials and Share program registrations with their friends and family.  We had to make corresponding changes on our end to work with their new requirements.

As always, we are eager to hear your feedback.  Feel free to let us know if you have any questions or comments.

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