Team Captain Settings, Copy Programs, and More Great Updates

By LeagueApps
May 6, 2011
2 min

We pushed out another release this week! Here’s the rundown:

Team Captain Settings — You Decide What Captains Can Do

You can now control what your team captains can and cannot do. These settings are available at both the program-level, and also the team-level. You can control whether the captain can:

  • Edit the team name.
  • Invite new players by email.
  • Directly add new players.
  • Accept team player registrations directly from players.

You can manage these settings at the program-level under “Settings > Registration Options” in your program’s context menu, and at the team-level on the team page in the console.

Copy Programs

You can now copy an entire program in one click. See the copy button in the upper right of your program dashboard. When you copy an existing program, the following information is copied into a new program:

  • Details
  • Settings > Registration Options
  • Settings > Form Fields
  • Settings > Preferences

Things not copied include: discount codes, registered players, teams, games, and standings.

A Few More Improvements

Finally, we also made the following useful improvements:

  • Allow Standings Rules to accept decimal values (e.g., 0.5).
  • Fixed a bug in which early bird fees were not being properly applied to individual player invoices.
  • Updated the messaging tool filters to properly support “unpublished” programs.
  • Added a cool new sport: Whirlyball.

Hope these updates help!