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Sportsboard Integration with LeagueApps Offers Player Evaluation Tools For Your Sports Program

By LeagueApps
November 8, 2016
2 min

The LeagueApps team is striving to simplify the lives of sports organizers. By enabling the right technology for our partners, it allows you to continue to deliver the best sports experience for your members and participants.

With easy to use features and a robust, open API, the LeagueApps software is at the center of your digital universe, handling registration and communication to scheduling and eCommerce. It also means that our software works well and plays with other technologies to give you everything you need to run your programs as efficiently as possible.

Our partners have expressed the need for a better way to help coaches evaluate and develop their athletes. These evaluations start with tryouts and bleed into an on-going athlete development over multiple years. In order to better serve our partners and other sports organizers, the flexible LeagueApps platform has integrated with Sportsboard to offer these player evaluation tools.

SportsBoard developed an app that enables coaches to capture assessment data and simplify and streamline producing evaluations. By capturing data like skills ratings, text notes, video with voice-over, testing data and more, SportsBoard can generate digital evaluations as well as testing leaderboards that enable sports organizers to provide feedback to athletes and parents alike.

Aside from the intended use to help coaches with player evaluations, the integration can also help LeagueApps’ partners with making decisions in regards to tryouts and rosters. This integrated tool has the potential to help organizers present data in an objective manner, which can be beneficial when discussing players’ roles with parents and/or coaches.


Gregg Jacobs, founder and CEO of Sportsboard, says the integration will save countless hours and tedious work for the organizer. With the API integration, LeagueApps members and admins can easily import rosters into SportsBoard.

“With this integration, customers can seamlessly pull tryout groups and teams from LeagueApps into SportsBoard with a single click. Sports organizers will save countless hours exporting the data out of LeagueApps into Excel, formatting it properly, importing the Excel file into SportsBoard, and then checking the data in SportsBoard to make sure it imported properly.”

Our partners from T3 Lacrosse have already integrated the software for their club teams. Lori Brown, Director of T3, says the goal of their integration is to eliminate rework and data entry in the long term.

“LeagueApps will be our base source for all registration info that will then be passed to SportsBoard for evals,” she said.

“We do see benefits due to this vertical integration of resources too! It links together experts in their fields.”

LeagueApps is excited with the prospect of building partnerships with other technologies as we continue to strive to make the life of the sports organizer simpler.

To learn more about their player evaluation tools, visit SportsBoard. Or, click on the button below.