LeagueApps - Sports League Registration Software for Clubs and Teams

All Star Features

Customize Registration Solutions For Your Organization

Multiple league registration models.

Managers can choose to allow online registration by teams, free agents, groups, or any combination of the three. Set a waiting list option for additional registrants, and enforce capacity rules to make sure you have exactly the right number of players and teams.

Flexible pricing and payment rules.

Set your prices, including different prices for individuals and teams, create early bird discounts, and much more. You control the deadlines and payment schedule that works best for your youth sports league.

Customizable forms.

Add your own custom fields to any registration forms, decide which fields are required, and even choose the order and labeling of options. You have complete control.

Seamless Sports League Payment Processing

Wave goodbye to payment headaches.

Accept youth sports league payments on all major credit cards, without leaving your league website. Funds are deposited directly into your merchant account, and you can track and manage all your invoices and transactions.

Track and manage payments.

Admins can track and manage all invoices and transactions in one place. Issue credits, refunds, voids, and prices changes, and view accurate, up-to-the-minute accounting, cross-referenced with your leagues.

Manage Participants With Ease

Manage players like a big leaguer.

Filter, search and print lists of your registered participants all in one place. Easily move players between leagues and teams, to and from the free agent pool or wait list. Even manually add new participants who may have registered away from your site.

Useful Member Tools

Member account dashboard.

Members can quickly access leagues, teams, schedules, and standings right from your league site. And simple account tools let users manage their own passwords, email addresses and profile info so you don’t have to.

Team home page.

Display up-to-date team rosters, schedules, and standings to your team members. Players and managers can both easily message teammates. Managers can track who has paid league dues, send invites to new recruits, and manage pending player requests to join their team.

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