Some Important UI Improvements

By LeagueApps
May 20, 2011
3 min

We’re always making updates to the LeagueApps product based on feedback from our league partners. We intend to continuously improve the product and service, making it increasingly more effective at solving your problems.

There is one such update we’ll be making the week of May 30, which will include a number of improvements to the User Interface (UI) of public-facing sites. We wanted to give our existing partners the heads up so they are aware of these planned UI enhancements.


Things are going to look a LOT better! Nonetheless, there are a few things you should be aware of:

  • (1) The user flow for registration will NOT be changed. So, no need to worry about your members being confused.
  • (2) The layout of many pages will be much improved. See below for more information and previews.
  • (3) Small issues and bugs will be addressed by the updated pages.
  • (4) The theme editor and design customization tools will be greatly enhanced, giving league partners even more control over site design.

Preview New Page Layouts

We wanted to share some screenshots to give you an idea of how a few key page layouts are changing:


Registration Listings

Registration listings will soon look like this:

This new layout displays the key information in a more organized fashion, making it easier for registrants to decide which program to choose. Things like the program title, registration status, key dates, prices, schedule days, etc are all neatly presented for each program in the listing.


Program Homepage

Here is a preview of the new program home page (used by leagues, events, and tournaments):

Similar to the above preview of the registration listings, the new program homepage displays information in a much more organized fashion. The key details of the program are neatly structured at the top for quick glancing, while the custom description is still given the largest content area of the page. Also, the new logo and Facebook like features are positioned in the right column.

You’ll also notice that a summary list of existing participants is displayed in the right column. This feature is optional, and can be enabled/disabled for each program as desired.


Registration Listings Widget

The registration listings widget (used by many partners) will now support two different formats, in order to be flexible about how program information is presented. Our goal here is to allow league partners to have more control over how they promote and share their programs. Here is a summary of each format:

  • Verbose Format: This format will use a new expanded layout that matches the layout shown above in the registration listings preview.
  • Simple Format: This format will match the existing layout that is currently in use. This format is also the default version used. In other words, your existing registration listing widget will not change unless you make and approve the change yourself.


That’s about it. If you have any questions about this, or would like to walk through all the design changes before they go live, please let us know!