Sell More Products With the LeagueApps Store

By LeagueApps
June 6, 2016
2 min

LeagueApps is happy to introduce the newest addition to our eCommerce tools – a storefront page!

You can now host your entire store on your LeagueApps site, and here’s why we’re excited about it:

Grow your organization’s revenue and brand with product sales before, during and after registration

We know that it’s a great time to offer products for sale during registration – 57% of all LeagueApps eCommerce sales happen during registration – but it’s also very valuable to offer an easy way for participants to purchase products before and after registration. Our storefront page allows you to do just that!

Condense your online sales into one place

LeagueApps already makes the admin work of creating products for sale very easy – now it’s just as easy to add those products to a storefront page. Instead of using different systems for registrations and eCommerce sales, do it all in one place with LeagueApps!

Provide a familiar point of purchase

There are both simplicity and trust factors in favor of offering all of your online sales through one system. Don’t make you users create multiple accounts and go to different websites for what they want. Users who have already registered for one of your programs through LeagueApps can simply log in to their existing account to make a purchase. If your site has our saved payments feature activated, users can even used a saved credit card in their LeagueApps account to make a product purchase – talk about easy!


To see how other organizations are using LeagueApps eCommerce, click here or give us a call at 1-800-257-3681