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Save Hours Tracking Down Payments with These Must-Have Invoice Management Tools

By Melissa Wickes
August 23, 2023
3 min

Tracking payments, invoices, and transactions shouldn’t be so difficult. After all, you were born to be out where the magic happens—on the field, on the court, by the pool (not in the office). If you wanted to spend all of your time in Excel, you would have gone into accounting.

If you’re running multiple programs at once, tracking payments can get especially tricky, adding hours of complicated paperwork. Here’s the good news: We’re committed to making things on the backend—like invoicing and tracking payments–easier and quicker for you. Here’s how LeagueApps makes it easy to collect and manage payments and invoices.

Easily Manage Invoices

If one of your programs is pay-based, LeagueApps will automatically create an invoice for that registration. Then, you’ll use the Management Console to view all player invoices, track member payment status, amount due, amount paid, and more. Here are some actions you can take on individual invoices using LeagueApps Management Console:

  • Adjust invoice amount
  • Issue partial or full refunds
  • Issue credits
  • View payment plan details
  • Send payment reminders
  • Add offline payments

You know more than anyone that refunds are a necessary part of your business. If and when you need to refund a member, we’ll refund all associated processing fees.

Similarly, no two families are the same, and everyone pays for programs in ways that work for them. That’s why we offer a variety of payment modalities and functionalities—like ACH and credit card payments, payment plans that can be adjusted as needed, autopay and stored credit cards for quick and easy payments, and credits and refunds.

Flexible Payment Plans

Payment Plans are a must-have in today’s youth sports world. They help spread the cost of a program across multiple installments, which makes your programs accessible to more families. 

LeagueApps allows you to copy the details of a payment plan from one program and apply them to another. You can keep the dates the same or update them to a new period.  This will save a lot of time when creating multiple payment plans within a program.

If you’d like to assign payment plans to particular teams, you can do that too.  This feature helps target specific teams with payment options meant for certain levels or ages within a program.

Stored Credit Cards

Storing a credit card at checkout is a huge time saver for customers, and results in more transactions for you. For programs that do not require payment during registration, a customer can store his/her credit card and enroll in AutoPay without paying the first installment right away.

This is a nice addition to our already powerful payment plan feature for organizations that want to collect registrations, get players enrolled into payment plans but not require a payment during registration.


The key to making better decisions that will drive more revenue is staying on top of payments and invoices with real-time reporting, built right into your LeagueApps dashboard. You can see how many registrations and payments you’ve collected in a day with the click of a button, giving you better visibility into your organization’s success.

You don’t need to have your CPA to stay on track of your organization’s finances. Any income that your organization is driving can easily be tracked with LeagueApps reporting. E-commerce, transaction data, donations, payments, refunds, credits—you name it. It’s all built into LeagueApps’ accounting-level reporting (minus the need for an accounting degree). Plus, should a pay dispute arise, you can easily capture the data and information you need to settle it.

To learn more about how you can simplify tracking payments, set up a call with a youth sports technology expert today.