Are You Using the Right Youth Sports Management Platform?

By Melissa Wickes
December 29, 2021
4 min

When it comes to registration, payments, messaging, and reporting, you want to be sure you’re using the best youth sports management platform out there. But evaluating the options can be overwhelming and take time you don’t have.

This guide will help you find the right platform more efficiently, freeing you to focus on what made you want to become a youth sports organizer in the first place.

But before we dig in, let’s set the bar for what you should expect from whichever youth sports management platform you choose.

First and foremost, as your organization grows and scales, or as you expand your programs—from clubs and leagues to camps, clinics, and tournaments—the technology should be flexible enough to grow and scale with you.

Will the Tech Grow and Scale With You?

Here’s what that looks like.

  • It will work today, and down the line. Some platforms offer more features and functionality than others. What’s important is that they will be able to handle your evolving needs. 
  • It will handle all the small details. You need a product that you can count on to streamline the range of logistics that will otherwise eat up your day. 
  • It will empower you to think bigger. That is, beyond basics such as registration and payments. Does the software support product integrations? Does it give you access to website design services that will help you promote your programs? The right technology can help you retain customers and attract new ones, too. 
  • It will be supported by a team of caring humans. Because when there are technological hiccups—and even the best products do have them—you want someone on call to see you through to a solution.

The above is the minimum for what you need to properly run your youth sports organization while you focus on getting kids playing. The right software can and will do much more.

Now that you know whether or not your current tech will grow and scale with you, let’s turn our attention to figure out if the youth sports management tool you are currently using—or the one you are considering buying—is worth it.

Answering these questions for your club will get you closer to an answer:

Is Managing Day-to-Day Tasks Easier? 

The more options you have on the back end, the better the experience for your coaches, parents, and players—and for you. Because if they aren’t burdened with problems that you have to deal with, you can focus on the players and the games.

The assets of a solid tool include:

  • Customizability. Don’t settle for a tool that tells you what you can have; find one capable of giving you what you need. From signup to bookkeeping, the best experiences are created when you control the flow of information. 
  • Payment flexibility. A variety of options and payment plans removes the financial pressure on families and increase signups.
  • Invoice management and payment processing. So you spend less time chasing things down and clearing things up. 
  • Communication capabilities. Staying connected to families and players—not only with updates about practice time or game schedules, but also community-forging news—is crucial to the success of your organization. And you want to be able to do all that without too much effort. 

Does It Allow You to Think Bigger?

Building a thriving organization requires a well thought out gameplan. A proper youth sports management platform can offer crucial assistance in creating one and capitalizing on it.

If the following tools are integrated into your program, you won’t have to scramble as your organization expands:

  • An easy-to-navigate website that reflects your organization. Where will potential customers look once you’ve piqued their interest? Right! Your website. So you need to build one that is designed to present your organization in the best possible way. This is a time to make the extra effort to go custom. Generic doesn’t sell.
  • A communication-supporting app. It will make it that much easier to message parents and players and allow them to talk to one another. That is a culture-building game changer.  
  • Clear reporting and analytics. You want easy-to-grasp registration stats and payment activity  so that you can take immediate action to fix issues. And in the long term, this data will help you identify opportunities for new registrations and sponsorships.
  • Seamlessly integrates other essential tools. By allowing you to operate more efficiently and generate additional revenue, the right integrations can save you time and grow your business.

Does It Foster a Customer-First Ethos? 

A youth sports management platform can offer all of the above and more, but if the behind-the-scenes crew that maintains it isn’t available to solve a real-time crisis or to offer advice and tips that can make your life easier, it will all be for naught.

The best support will never leave you hanging, and includes: 

  • Round-the-clock customer-success teams that are prepared to troubleshoot technical issues whenever you have them. The last thing you want is to find yourself alone with a deadline issue.
  • A collaborative culture that isn’t satisfied with pitching rehashed solutions but rather wants to find the best accommodations for you
  • Trustworthy data protection that guarantees your organization’s information is never shared externally.
  • A robust community that includes opportunities for professional development, such as industry-expert forums and networking events that open doors to new friends and partners.

Are You Using the Right Youth Sports Management Platform?

If you need any further assistance with your sports management platform needs—or any other issues related to your club, we are here to help.

We want to be as committed to your mission as you are.