A Bunch of Improvements

By LeagueApps
March 10, 2011
2 min

We pushed out an update to the product that includes a whole bunch of features and improvements.  Here’s a run down:


Most of the following improvements were driven by your feedback.

  • You can now set any league to “unpublished” state, if you don’t want it to show up on your site (or widgets) yet.  Change the league state on the ‘details’ tab of your league.
  • You can now grab registration listing widgets for specific sports, and/or specific seasons.
  • The console dashboard and leagues listing pages now indicate the number of “reserved” vs “pending” registrants.  This is helpful in gauging how your registrations are filling up.
  • In registration settings, you can now decide if you want to treat Free-Agents as “detached” or not, when moved onto teams.  Being “detached” means that the former Free-Agent (now moved onto a team) pays separately from the team, and that his/her payment does not count toward the team fee.  This setting is useful if you’d rather allow your Free-Agents’ individual fee to count toward the overall team fee once they are moved onto a team.  The default setting is that Free-Agents are treated as detached.
  • We tweaked the display of team pricing for leagues using “variable pricing” so that the listing now indicates if a minimum fee is required.  A minimum fee is enforced if the league settings have specified a capacity rule for minimum team size.


A couple helpful updates here to help with game scheduling.

  • You can now add games that have a game type of “championship”.
  • Fixed some issues with the Schedule Generator.  It should be balancing teams across times much better now.


The messaging tools continue to improve. We hope this serve as a simple and practical way to communicate with your members.

  • Fixed spacing issues with the messaging tool.
  • The “from name” is now editable each time you send an email.
  • Added an email “opt-out” feature so that your members can decide to be excluded from your marketing related emails.


Just a few more general items…

  • Added Squash and Boot Camp to the list of sports.
  • Added a new account-level page that lists all members across all your sites.  This is handy for organizations that use more than one site.  This page is located in your ‘manage account’ section of your console.