Registration Enhancements – Invoice Updates!

By LeagueApps
July 6, 2011
2 min

We pushed out a release in late June. Here’s what was included:

Invoice Reminders

LeagueApps was built to allow the admin to collect money from members in an efficient manner, and save time and headaches while doing so. With these improvements, you now have more ways to ensure that you reach 100% payment collection for all your programs. We added the ability to send out reminders to members with outstanding balances, so you can prompt these members to pay their invoices on time.

In the Invoice reports page, you’ll notice a new Send Payment Reminders to All button, as well as a new Deadline column that indicates which members have outstanding balances. Use these tools to send reminders to individuals, or to groups of members. You’ll be able to track when you sent your reminders, and how many have been sent. You can also now export the invoices information to a spreadsheet using the new CSV export feature we added.


You can set your program’s payment deadline to be strictly enforced or not. Thus, a program will only have payment deadline information shown in its invoice listing page if the default “Not Strictly Enforced” is NOT selected.

We also added the ability to set Automatic Reminders for any of your programs. Additionally, you can set follow up reminders to be sent every few days until the members have paid. This is a great way to guarantee that everyone pays and no one slips through the cracks!

Manage this setting at the program-level under “Settings > Registration Options”.

For more on Payment Deadlines, scroll to the bottom section of this Help Doc article.

More Invoice Improvements

Updated the invoice report to include new filter/sort options, including:

  • Payment Deadline Status
  • Payment Deadline Date
  • Last Reminder Sent Date
  • Sent Reminder Count
  • Number Reminders Sent

Click here to learn more about Managing Payment Invoices.

Bug Fixes and New Sports Added

We made a number of small tweaks and bug fixes, including:

  • Adjusted the sort order for registration listings (site and widget) to be: 1) Sport, then 2) Name (alphabetical).
  • Fixed issue reported in which team players did not have access to team messaging tool.
  • Adjusted rules for auto-updating programs to “completed” status.

We also added a bunch of cool new sports: Volleyball (Sand), Volleyball (Grass), Dodgeball (Indoor), Dodgeball (Sand), Tennis (Beach), Backyard Games, Bar Games


That’s it for now. Hope you find these updates helpful!