Product Update: Mobile 2.0, Game Reminders, Co-Captains, and More!

By LeagueApps
October 8, 2012
3 min

Good day, LeagueApps MVPs! We have some great updates to share with you. Last week we pushed out a product release with a number of useful improvements and new features. Here’s a summary of what was included.

Mobile “2.0”

Mobile Sites were taken to the next level! You and your members will now enjoy far more benefits from your mobile site. Check out the highlights:

  • The User Interface (UI) was streamlined and cleaned up. Check out the new slide down navigation menu.
  • Your members can now login with Facebook. This takes the hassle out of login.
  • Mobile Team Messaging was added. Now, teammates can send messages via the mobile site, and reach each other on email, mobile, as well as the full site.
  • Organizer Announcements were added to the mobile site. You can post an “announcement” from the manager console, and now have it reach your members right on their mobile devices – in addition to the website and your Facebook Page.
  • Game details were updated with location profiles and live google maps.

Here are some screenshots:

Note: You’ll be able to see how all these great new features look in the mobile site by logging in as a participant who has games coming up within the next week, and who is playing on one or more active teams.

Game Reminders

We added a cool new feature that automatically emails your participants a “reminder” in advance of their upcoming games. This ensures that they are aware of the game details, and it helps you out by minimizing no-shows and game forfeits.

LeagueApps is all about flexibility. As such, you and your members have the ability to control the settings for this reminder feature. As an admin, you can turn this reminder on/off and you can specify how many days before the game the reminder should be sent. You can control this setting under your program’s “Preferences” settings. Go to a program and navigate to the sub-menu option “Preferences” that appears under the “Settings” tab. See the screenshot below.


You can now designate additional team players to be “Co-Captains” on their teams. Co-captains are able to manage the team and its roster. This allows your captains to share the load of the team management responsibilities.

You can control which team players are designated as co-captains from inside your manager console. Go to the “players” listing page of any program, or go to a team page within any program. Click the “move” control button (to the right) for the player you’d like to update, and you’ll then see a “Make Co-Captain” control button next to the “Make Captain” button. See the screenshot below.

iPad Support

We’re happy to announce that the manager console now works well on the iPad. We know a lot of you like to carry around your iPad and use it to manage your programs on the go, and at the field. We ironed out a few kinks that were causing issues on the iPad, so you should now be good to go!

And Many More Improvements…

We additionally made a bunch smaller tweaks and bug fixes, addressing your continued and valued feedback. Here are some of the ones you pointed out:

  • Login issues fixed.
  • Google Analytics tracking fix.
  • Enhanced control for “unpublish” option for schedules to also account for standings table.
  • Team player payment status removed from public roster views when not relevant.
  • Increase length of custom field labels (supports longer ‘questions’ on registration forms).