Product Update: Manager Console Improvements and New Reporting Tool!

By LeagueApps
November 7, 2012
3 min

It’s that time again – to let you guys know about a bunch of improvements we just added to the product. Our team has been hard at work making these changes, based on your continued and valued feedback. Check out the release notes below. There are a few changes you’ll want to make sure you’re aware of.

Streamlined Console Navigation

We want to make your life easier, so we cleaned up the UI navigation inside the manager console. You’ll now have a lot less “clutter” as you perform your day to day management tasks. Please take a moment to check out the new navigation structure, and make sure you’re familiar with the location of all the features.

  • Most pages are in the same section as they were before — but now there are simple pull down menus from the main navigation bar. Simple.
  • Note that two pages DID move: the “Manage Members” page and the “Manage Invoices” pages used to be under “Reports”; They were both moved under the “Manage” tab. We thought this made more sense.

Reporting Tool

We added a new reporting tool to help you stay on top of your programs. Check it out under “Reports > Registrations”. This first version of the reporting tool allows you to pull data from your registrations, across all your programs. We’ll be adding support for additional data sets as well, such as invoices, transactions, members, etc.

Here’s an overview of the features included in the reporting tool:

  • Filter/sort across entire data set (i.e., pull aggregate data sets from ALL programs).
  • Render reports in tabular listing view, including all customized data fields.
  • Export to CSV, including all customized data fields.
  • Create “saved reports” for subsequent ‘one-click’ report runs.

This reporting tool will serve as a time-saving resource to league partners as they address many common business scenarios, such as:

  • Generating t-shirt orders.
  • Identifying late registrations.
  • Analyzing cross-program registrations; by sport, program status, etc.

Officials Assignment Support

We added some flexibility into the feature that allows you to assign officials to games. Now, when you assign an official, the team is shown as well — allowing you to effectively assign teams to officiate games.

Also, when your members login to your site now, they have a separate “Officiating Schedule” link under their own schedule. This shows them all the games that either they, or one of their teams, is assigned to officiate. So, now your members can easily see which games they must officiate!

Designer Resources

We’ve been working with many of our league partners as you get your sites designed and launched. We LOVE designers. They make LeagueApps look good and work well. We want to help make the LeagueApps design process as smooth as possible. A lot of the common questions and issues that arise are now being documented in a special section of the support knowledge base — we call it “designer resources”. Check it out!

Launch Dashboard

For those league partners in the process of completing your launch process, this new addition should come in handy. We’ve added a special new “launch dashboard” into your manager console. This keeps track of all the steps being completed, special due dates, and progress made so far. The page also explains each of the steps, and contains helpful reference links to help answer any questions that arise. Our goal is to make your launch process go smoothly and quickly, and we believe this new feature will help do just that.

Privacy Policy Page

We added a new default content page to your site that contains a “privacy policy”, and linked to it from your member signup page. This is a web best practice and will help ensure that your site is adhering to widely accepted Internet usage guidelines.

There is a simple privacy policy statement added by default. You can edit this to your own custom privacy policy statement by navigating to “Content > Pages” and selecting the page named “Privacy Policy”. We recommend that you check this out and make sure you’re happy with the privacy policy posted.

Additional Items

There are a number of additional items addressed in this update, including a number of issues/bugs reporting by league partners. Check them out:

  • Extended character limit for content page “titles”. Supports better SEO.
  • Addressed an issue with saving sub-locations to games.
  • Added a “warning” message when attempting to create programs before the default registration settings have been set.
  • Extended size limit for team “headline” field.
  • Content page editor now allows the “article” tag in HTML.