New Release: Membership Fees, Privacy Controls, and Updated Admin Roles

By LeagueApps
July 23, 2013
3 min

LeagueApps MVPs! We pushed out a new release with some great updates to help you better manage your programs. We hope these new features will allow you to provide even better support to your members. Read on to get the details.

Membership Fee during Registration

You can now require that participants are “members” in order to register for a program. Additionally, you can charge a membership fee during registration. Once a participant pays the required membership fee, they will automatically be granted that designated membership level.

To use this feature, you need to enable it under registration settings. You can activate the setting for requiring membership during registration in addition to requiring a membership fee.

When this feature is activated, a label stating that membership is required as well as a “membership fee” line will be displayed on the program listing and program profile, as shown below.

Additionally, when a participant goes to pay for a program registration, they will see a line item on the invoice for the “membership fee” as shown in the screenshot.

Read the help article or watch the instructional video to learn more about how to configure Membership Fees.

Privacy Controls for Member Name

We added a new control under “member profile” settings which allows you to hide member names on all public facing pages of your site. This is useful for scenarios where you do not want your members’ names to be visible by 3rd parties. When you enable this setting, the string “Member” is displayed in place of the member name. This setting is located under “Settings > Member Profile”.

Read the help article or watch the instructional video on how to customize your privacy settings.

Updated Admin Roles

A new admin role called “Program Coordinator” has been introduced in order to give you more management flexibility on your programs. This role is similar to the “Program Manager” role, but with more restrictions. Basically, a “Program Coordinator” can do much of the basic management on any assigned program, but not actually remove items. You can now assign both a Program Manager as well as a Program Coordinator to each program.

We hope these updates help you run your organizations more efficiently and make your lives easier. We’re here for any questions!