New Registration Updates Boost Flexibility!

By LeagueApps
February 20, 2013
4 min

Good day, LeagueApps partners! We just made a bunch of updates to the product, and wanted to give you an overview of what’s included.

These updates add a lot more flexibility into the registration system, allowing you to customize more parts of the process. In fact, you’ll see more and more improvements coming in this area over the next few months as we focus on building greater flexibility, extending capabilities and increasing quality within the registration system.

We invite you to try out these new features, and experience how they can benefit your league.

Customizable Registration Confirmation Message

You can now create your own custom message to be displayed to your members once they have completed registration. This message is displayed on the post registration confirmation page, as well as the post registration confirmation email that is sent to the registrant. This feature is great if you want to provide your own tailored instructions for new registrants, such as any special registration requirements you enforce.

You can create and edit your custom registration confirmation message under Registration Options, near the bottom of the page.

Automatically display ‘Registration Next Steps’ to each Registrant

Your registrants often still have outstanding registration requirements they must complete, even after they have finished the initial registration process. For example, they may still owe some fees, or they may need to accept the online waiver, or they may need to add more players to their team roster (if they’re a team captain), etc.

We realize it’s a hassle to have to remind your registrants to complete these steps, so we added some intelligence into the product that will automatically remind them on your behalf.

Now, each of your registrants will be automatically presented with a list of ‘Registration Next Steps’ that they need to finish in order to fully complete their registration. These next steps are automatically determined and displayed, based on the registration options of the program, and the registrant’s role and current status.

Capacity Rule for Max Free-Agents

You can now specify a capacity rule to enforce a maximum number of free-agents allowed to be registered in a given program. This new capacity setting exists in Registration Options, under the “Program Capacity Rules” section. By specifying a value in this setting, your program will stop allowing free-agent registrations once the limit has been reached.

Admins can still “override” the capacity limit, if they choose to do so, when manually registering free-agents in the Manager Console. There is a checkbox option to “Override capacity limit rules” that enables this. When the capacity limit is overridden in this manner, a note is automatically appended to the registrant’s “player note” which indicates that this was done intentionally (for later tracking purposes).

New “Additional Team Fee” Pricing Option

We added a new fee option that you can choose to include on team registrations. This is similar to the existing “processing fee” setting, but with a few differences. This fee is referred to as “Additional Team Fee” and is editable in Registration Options under the “Additional Fees and Payment Types” section. This fee is always payable by the captain (even if the regular team fee is being shared across players), and the label used for the fee is customizable under Program Preferences.

There are many uses for this new team fee setting, two of which include “Team Sponsor Fee” and “Forfeit Bond”. We hope you can make use of this new fee option in your process.

Option to Omit Reassignment of Unpaid Team Fees to Captain

Those of you who utilize the option of allowing team fees to be split amongst players will appreciate this new setting. Once the specified deadline is reached, any remaining unpaid amounts are automatically reassigned to the captain to be paid. You now have the option to turn this automatic reassignment on or off.

So, now you can effectively allow team fees to be shared amongst players while leaving any unpaid balances in the hands of the team players to eventually pay. This setting is managed in Registration Options under the ‘Who is responsible for making team payments?’ section.

Customize Label used for “Captain”

You can now customize the label used for the “Captain” role. This complements the existing ability to customize the labels used for “Team” and “Free Agent”. For example, any league that prefers to use the term “Manager” will benefit from this addition.

Updated Registration System Help

We realize that a lot of the settings in the registration system can take some time getting acquainted with. So, we wanted to make it much easier to understand what these settings do and how they work. As such, now you’ll notice a growing number of helpful tooltips and help blurbs sprinkled throughout the manager console. In particular, check out the registration options page.

Additional Tweaks and Fixes

We made several additional tweaks and fixes. Here are a few examples:

  • Improved the clarity of credit card payment failure messages presented to members.
  • Tweaked discount code redemption to support intended behavior.
  • Fixed issues with custom profile field creation.

We hope that these additions will benefit your league. If you have any questions about what’s included in this release, please contact our account management team and we’ll be happy to assist you.