Admin Console Redesign Will Make Your Life Easier

By LeagueApps
June 23, 2016
2 min

The LeagueApps team is excited to announce a major upgrade coming to you at the end of the summer. We will be redesigning our admin console, giving it a complete make over and making it mobile responsive!
LeagueApps Mobile Admin Console Preview
If you’re running a participatory sports organization, you’re always looking to save time. There are dozens of things that you could or should be doing to help grow or optimize your organization, but there are always the day-to-day tasks that can weigh you down. Wouldn’t it be nice to take care of daily tasks quicker, and even on the go?

LeagueApps understands the hurdles of organizers and because of that, we’re redesigned our admin console. Why? Because sports organizers are busy! Our goal with this redesign is to allow organizers to efficiently manage their organizations from web, mobile, tablet whenever and wherever they are. A core value of LeagueApps is that we are your operating system streamlining operations. We want to put the information that you need at your fingertips.

Some of the most utilized admin functions and actions on LeagueApps will become optimized on desktop and mobile so that you can get what you need to get done quicker and more efficiently wherever you are – less clicks is more!

Here are some highlights of our redesign project:

Dashboard Update featuring Quick Program Access

  • Find the data you need about all of your programs in one spot
  • See a summary of what’s happening in your organization today with quick links
  • The new dashboard is so much fun you’ll be checking it multiple times a day to get up to the minute information on your organization!

Global Quick Search

  • Search for any player, team, invoice or program on desktop and mobile
  • Our autocomplete search allows for quick search results and less clicks

Mobile Optimized Admin Actions

  • Quickly find and view programs, members, players, teams, schedules and invoices
  • Communicate With Members easily with one-click email, text and call
  • View games and update scores on the go
  • View registration information and rosters of players and teams in your programs
  • Take online and offline payments through your phone and tablet!

This is the first of many admin optimizations that LeagueApps is building because we want to make running your organization as easy as possible – even fun!

We’re off to the races on this project and it will be released to all partners at the end of the summer. If you are interested in taking a closer look please contact our Partner Success team at for a preview.