More Registration Enhancements! Plus Updated UIs

By LeagueApps
August 17, 2011
3 min

We pushed out a release this week to improve the registration system! Here’s what was included:

New Console Page Layouts

The User Interfaces (UIs) of two of the most important pages in the console have been completely overhauled. These changes were designed to make it easier for you to access the most frequently needed information. Each page is reviewed next.

Programs Listing Page

The programs listing page now looks like this:

This new layout displays each program’s key information in a more detailed manner, making it easier for you to gauge how registration is going.

Here are the details of what’s in this new layout:

  • A new Timeline display shows key dates, allowing you to track your registration lifecycle better.
  • A more-detailed summary of Payment Activity shows how much money is paid, invoiced, committed, and expected (based on your maximum capacity settings).
  • Registration counts for free-agents and teams are displayed in a simple to read format.
  • An ‘indicator’ icon clearly shows you if a program is ‘Live’ and accepting registrations or not.
  • A quick-edit control for the Registration Status allows you to easily change this label right from this page.
  • Short-cuts to each program’s sub-option menu bar (Dashboard, Edit Details, Registration Settings etc.). Simply move your cursor over the bottom portion of a program to access this menu bar.


Program Dashboard Page

The program dashboard was updated to include a lot of the same displays that were added to the programs listing page (and then some). Here’s what the new program dashboard looks like:

Similar to the above preview of the programs listing page, the new program dashboard contains the most useful information for tracking registration progress. Additionally, the Registration Activity section now contains registration counts by gender, broken down by player status.

Registration Improvements

To go along with the above UI updates, we also made some significant improvements and fixes to the way the underlying registration system works. Here is a summary of these updates:

Team Registration Status
We introduced the concept of each team having a registration status. A team can be either Incomplete or Complete. You decide (in registration settings) the criteria for a team becoming complete. You can choose to enforce that (a) team roster capacity requirements have been met and/or (b) team payments have been half or fully paid. The system will promote a team to complete status only when the team has met the specified criteria. This will help you track how many legit teams you have registered so far.

Capacity Rules
We made sure the capacity rules were working properly as they relate to wait-list, team gender requirements, and to teams’ registration status. We also added capacity settings to enable gender-requirements within teams.

Registration Form Fields
We made a few improvements to the way registration form fields are handled:

  • Required (not optional) registration properties are now editable right when captain is manually adding players to the team.
  • Team Captain can edit a player’s registration properties, even for pending/invited players who have not yet finished their registration.
  • Lastly, we verified that registration form fields stay with players when players and/or teams are moved from one program to another


Hope these updates help! Please send us your feedback.