Updates to Messaging, Payments, and More

By LeagueApps
April 14, 2011
2 min

Here’s an overview of a few improvements we made to the product. We hope these help make your life a little bit easier!


We made a few much requested improvements to the messaging tool (which seems to be a popular feature):

  • Filtering by payment status now allows you to filter by participants who have fully paid, as well as those who still owe fees.
  • You can now filter by registration status, including Reserved, Pending, and Waiting List.
  • Fixed browser-specific issues with the email editor, in which line breaks were being ignored in Firefox.
  • Improved the performance and operation of bulk mail sending algorithm (laying the groundwork for bigger things to come).

Registration Payments Related

  • Added the ability to manage your list of accepted credit cards. This enables you to properly accept only the credit cards that your gateway / merchant account is setup to process. Check with your gateway / merchant account to confirm which cards you can accept. To access this feature in the LeagueApps console, go to “Manage Account > Merchant Services”
  • Added support for “universal” discount codes, which can be redeemed on *any* program. Very useful if you want to offer blanket discounts.

And a couple more…

  • Added count displays into key league management pages (we know, it wasn’t there yet!), including these pages: Manage Your Leagues (league listing), League Players listing, and League Teams listing. No need to manually count anymore 🙂
  • We added a couple cool new sports: 3D Dodgeball and Beer Pong. Let us know of any others to add!

That’s it for today. Let us know what questions you have!